NTC Peer Groups & Leadership Training

The Greater Nashville Technology Council provides engaging interest and career-specific events through a number of peer-to-peer learning communities called “Peer Groups”. The NTC Peer Groups are established and led by members of the tech community who are passionate about planning, creating, and executing a diverse array of content and networking opportunities geared towards connecting others in their shared area of focus. Each Peer Group has a Leadership Committee that helps steer the frequency of regular programming and events over the calendar year. Becoming involved in an NTC Peer Group is a great way to share your experience, learn new skills, and build your professional network by learning from local experts in your field.

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NTC Peer Groups:


Business intelligence + Analytics

Connecting professionals within the Middle Tennessee industries to better serve the business analytics community. Learn more


This peer group creates an environment that facilitates meaningful conversation, relationship building, and collaboration for Nashville’s IT leaders in the consumer goods, hospitality, restaurant, and other retail spaces. Learn more.


This peer group was established to meet thes evolving needs of the Nashville marketing community. The group will create an environment for marketing and communication professionals to connect and learn how their peers have responded to the sudden and dramatic jolt to our traditional working habits. Learn more

Sales & Business Development

To provide access, training, and development to our fellow Sales and Business Development community members. Learn more

Media Technology

This peer group was established to develop and maintain a peer network of media technology professionals in the greater Nashville area. Learn more


To create an inclusive environment for non-veterans and veterans alike to share in their passion for technology and veteran causes. Learn more

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Provides a community of collaboration for those looking for better IT solutions and better ways to get there by sharing their lessons & passion for software development and infrastructure operations. Learn more

Tech community leaders council

Formed to support the creative tech community represented by various meetups and user groups to solve identified challenges.


Private, invitation-only group for top technologists in our region.


NTC Leadership Training

emerging Leaders

As our technical talent pool continues to grow, we need to build our leadership talent as well. It is well-known and widely understood that the immediate manager is the most important factor in employee engagement. We must focus on building the strength of our first line management in order to retain the talent we are struggling so hard to find. Learn more