NTC Committees

The Nashville Technology Council operates through its staff and strategic guidance from its committees. These groups are comprised of NTC Board Members and interested members who have expertise in an area that can help the NTC to propel the technology community forward. Each committee is operated by a Chair and Co-Chair who are also members of the Executive Committee. Looking for NTC Peer Groups, click here.  Committees hold regular meetings. To find out more, click on an NTC Committee below:

Advocacy Committee

The Nashville Technology Council works to connect and unite the technology industry of Middle Tennessee and sustain a political and economic atmosphere that empowers tech and innovation to thrive. Learn more

Communications Committee

The responsibility of the communications committee is to help the NTC communicate to its members and promote the middle Tennessee tech community. Learn more

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The responsibility of the diversity committee is to focus on ensuring a diverse workplace that includes many perspectives, makes teams more responsive, respectful and innovative. Learn more

Executive Committee

The responsibility of the executive committee is overall NTC strategy review and execution. Learn more

Finance Committee

The responsibility of the finance committee is to oversee the accounting and financial statements. This includes budget review and recommendation and oversee preparation of tax and audit process. Learn more

Membership Committee

The membership committee not only works to retain current members through timely membership renewal strategies, but it’s main goal is to establish stronger relationships with current and potential members for deeper support and contributions that will become an endowment for the NTC and the community it serves. Learn more

Nominations Committee

The responsibility of the nominations committee is to nominate board members and committee chairs and chair-elects and ensure each committee has a working charter, manage annual board member evaluations and review and updates bi-laws. Learn more