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The Nashville Technology Council works to connect and unite the technology industry of Middle Tennessee and sustain a political and economic atmosphere that empowers tech and innovation to thrive.

NTC’s advocacy is conducted through its Advocacy Committee
which is guided by the following principles to:


Promote the growth of technology related jobs in Middle Tennessee;


Spur innovation in a creative and competitive environment that has access to services and capital;


Ensure a marketplace of equal opportunities for an educated workforce; and


Educate our membership about the importance of balanced technology policy and strong relationships with policy makers.

TechnologyAdvice Acquires Nashcocktail to Serve Nashville’s Growing Tech Community
Technology Learning in Public Schools

All Nashville students should have access to high quality computer education. The Nashville Technology Council believes computer education is an important tool for creating exceptional learners and a significant component of achieving college and career readiness for Nashville public school students. Moreover, the NTC believes that the development of a talented community of technology workers and clear pathways to technology careers is paramount to the continued success and growth of the Middle Tennessee economy.

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