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NTC Member Images

We love when our members tell others that they are “Members of the NTC.” If you would like to add that “member status” to your website, please use the following images to add to your website.


We offer 3 versions of this member image:

Color with black text and transparent background – download PNG file
All black and transparent background – download PNG file
All white and transparent background – download PNG file
Download all as high resolution SVG file

When you add this image to your website, please link back to our website using this URL: https://techcouncil.wpengine.com?=memberlink



How Your Organizations May Use NTC Logos and Colors

The NTC provides images to its logo and design details below for your usage in events that the NTC has officially partnered on. Please contact the NTC with any specific questions on how these images / logos may be used.

Greater Nashville Technology Council / NTC Name

As of February 2019, organization is known as the Greater Nashville Technology Council. We abbreviate the name as NTC, without the “G.”


Style Guidelines


RGB Hex Color Codes

Connect: #EF7728
Unite: #BFD144
Develop: #288C6D
Promote: #006093




NTC Logo – black text (web ) | multi color formats (web) | vector images




Apprenti TN logo (web / vector image zip)




Tech Hill Commons logo – (web / vector image zip)





Click here to download the fonts NTC uses – see the style guide at the top of this page for the appropriate context.