Virtual Events & Programming

As many of our members are adapting to working remotely, we’re working to help keep greater Nashville’s tech community connected!

We will help to promote your webinars, host NTC virtual TechTalks and virtual community events to bring us together and share best practices with experts in our own community, and share NTC member opportunities to help others. If you’re looking for virtual classroom opportunities for students at home, please let us know, too!

Virtual Tech Talks | Virtual Community Events | Virtual Tech Education for Students | Promote Your Webinars on the NTC Tech Community Calendar


Virtual Tech Talks


The NTC is launching a spinoff to the monthly Tech Talk series to bring the same great content in a virtual forum. Members of the NTC are invited to showcase, share, and learn from the ideas, skills, strategies, and technologies that are transforming our community through this new webinar series.

The format of the Virtual Tech Talks is 1 hour long (including time for Q&A).

By hosting a Virtual Tech Talk, you’ll have the opportunity to give a thought-leading online presentation on a topic in your field. The NTC will host and moderate the webinar, manage registration, and promote the event to our membership and contact lists. As the Tech Talk sponsor, you will also receive a clickable logo on the event website, logo/promotional inclusion in all marketing materials, and the post-event registration list with contact information for all attendees who opt-in.

As with traditional Tech Talks, content should be framed through the lens of thought-leadership and industry innovation and NOT a sales pitch or product demo. While you will certainly receive significant company promotion as the Tech Talk host, our goal is to showcase content experts in different industries who can share knowledge with fellow tech community members. As everyone is undergoing massive shifts in daily workplace culture, navigating new remote work and virtual tools, and working to maintain business success in this new environment, our goal is to showcase content that can help the tech community tackle these challenges.

Book one of our Virtual Tech Talks now for only $550 for NTC members.


Virtual Community Events

Share Your Remote Work Experience

Nashville’s tech community is all about collaboration! The NTC Events Team continues to work with leaders and experts with experiences to share and build upon. We’re planning a virtual event series so our tech community can share and connect online — virtual community events — and we’re looking for speakers to talk about Remote Work!

Tell Us: with the current remote-work transition, what plans have you had in place to adapt? What has your organization learned in the process that others could benefit from? Do you have best practices you can share with greater Nashville’s tech community? Click the button above to tell us more!


Virtual Tech Education for Students

Fill Out This Virtual Tech Education For Students Form

Attention parents: The Greater Nashville Technology Council is assembling resources, both local and from across the country, to provide virtual tech education opportunities for your home bound students. These resources will include both educational content along with opportunities to hear from individuals working in various tech occupations. We want to help you take advantage of this very unusual time to introduce your students to what a career in technology might look like.

To sign up to receive more information, please click on the link below. Let’s turn this this break into a learning opportunity.



Promote Your Webinars on the NTC Tech Community Calendar

Post Your Webinar Events Using This Form

We are aggregating and sharing useful information to help you work remotely with your teams and clients during this unique time.

The NTC Tech Community Calendar hosts many tech-related events in Middle Tennessee. Typically we encourage all to post in-person events that bring local people together and at this time, we’d like to open the calendar up to webinars so that local people can tune-in online together.

If your organization provides tools or services and you are hosting webinars to help others in the tech community adapt to working remotely, please make sure to post your webinars to the NTC Tech Community Calendar! Webinars posted to the calendar will be listed in upcoming NTC emails and pushed out on social media.