Traveling Tech Days

The NTC coordinates field trips for middle & high school students to visit local businesses & college campuses to learn more about incredible careers and education opportunities in technology.

Over the last five years, the NTC has brought over 2000 students into the industry to visit more than 100 companies, schools, and organizations. This is powerful investment in students who will become tomorrow’s technology leaders by giving them an exposure to the real-world skills they need to get there!

Typical tour

    • Time frame: 60-90 minute site visit
    • Site visits can take place in the morning or afternoon.
    • A brief overview of a company 
    • Intro to participating team members, their roles, background, etc
    • Short group tour of the workspace
    • Hands on activity to understand what kind of skills and experience are needed to prepare for work in the field.
    • Visit to a local community college or university


How Can Students Prepare? 

Students should be selected based on their interest, not necessarily level of previous  experience. The NTC will provide tech company information a month prior to the trip to each group.  We ask that students spend time researching the company and industry before  the field trip. It is a tremendous help if students have a familiarity with some of the trade terminology. Come with questions, respect, and an open mind.

How Can Companies Prepare? 

Each workplace is unique so be prepared to share what makes yours special! Give students an over-the-shoulder glimpse of the day-to-day duties of your team, explain your tech stack, and challenge them with a hands-on activity.

We recommend a short, high interest slide presentation to provide an overview of your company and tech roles while keeping students engaged.  Then, take a deep dive into 2 or 3 roles to illuminate the work, skills, and background of your team. End the visit with a hands-on activity to make the experience come to life! Ex: a digital design challenge, brainstorming an app to solve a problem, dissect a piece of equipment, or participate in a coding challenge game.

We are grateful when companies are able to provide lunch to the students (e.g., pizza, Chick-Fil-A, sandwiches, etc.), but it is not an expectation! 

Be fun and creative – and remember, we are here to help! The NTC education team will help you design engaging activities for the students if needed. 

What is the timeframe?

  • Typically schools allot for 90 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes transit, and 90 in the afternoon. Schedules vary based on company availability and school schedule.

How Many Students Per Tech Company Visit?  

20 students per group with at least one teacher to act as chaperone.