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Meta’s Engineer for the Week

Great opportunity for FREE instruction for students ages 11-18 to learn coding and game development. This program is designed and sponsored by Meta’s Engineer for the Week program and taught live, online by Create & Learn, an award-winning kid education program.

Learn more and sign up HERE or contact to arrange your own private group classes. We would particularly like to encourage historically underrepresented learners in STEM who identify as Black, LatinX, Native/Indigenous, and Female-Identifying to participate.

Organizations, parents, or teachers can schedule classes dedicated to their students as part of the school day or after-school programs.

Join today to learn, have fun, and discover a great career path!


Tableau is pleased to announce the release of the first module of course work aimed at K-12 education. The module uses NASA data on meteor strikes and helps introduce the concepts of data literacy through the development and creation of visual presentations or stories built upon findings in the data.
  • Ready-made curriculum: launch and learn!
  • Canvas Commons outlines the program with 6-course segments to be used individually or as a complete course
Tableau is proud of this first step in developing an overall program but they are looking for help in pilot testing in the classroom, after-school programs, or in a one-off data literacy event. Tableau Scholastic programs are already in place to provide teacher, classroom, or student software at no cost – see to learn more.
Email Jim Dehner to get help today!


Courseflow is a K-12 tech company whose mission is to decrease educator workloads & increase student and parent engagement with their product Loop. It plugs directly into schools’ existing SIS and LMS and automatically sends text and email reminders to students and parents.
This fall, they’re looking to partner with a handful of innovative schools in Nashville through their micro-learning grant, and I immediately thought of your program at RePublic.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a nonprofit that provides online learning by offering for free:  a daily lesson plan for students, a library of video lessons, practice exercises, quizzes and tests – covering kindergarten through early college math, grammar, science, history, AP courses, SAT preparation and more: 

Be sure to check out Bill Gates’s faves on Khan Academy 

  • Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Webpages 
  • Intro to JS: Drawing and Animation 
  • Advanced JS: Games and Visualizations 
  • Advanced JS: Natural Simulations 
  • Intro to SQL 
  • HTML/JS: Making Webpages Interactive

At, you can continue to learn at home while schools are closed. Try out fun computer science tutorials, watch videos about computer science concepts, and even build your own projects! Get started here: 


The Girls Who Code at Home curriculum is available to download for free and will feature women in tech as a way to inspire young girls with role models in the field. Activities include tutorials on binary coding bracelets, python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. The organization will release new activities every week. Download here to get started: 


Tynker is offering free access to premium online coding courses during school closure.  Education is suited for ages 5 – 13+.  Student will learn to code by voice, drag and drop coding and real word coding using JavaScript and Python:


Scratch was developed by MIT Media Lab for ages 8 – 16.  It is a free tool to teach how to program interactive stories, games and animations: 

Swift Playgrounds

Designed by Apple for the iPad, kids solve interactive puzzles in the guided “Learn to Code” lessons to master the basics of coding or experiment with a wide range of challenges that let users explore many unique coding experiences: 

Amazon- Free Coding

Disney and Kennedy Space Center adding free online activities 

Software Program and Coding Glossary for Kids
Choosing to learn to code is a great way to improve yourself and have fun while doing it. Getting started, however, can be hard. Not only do you have to find the right lessons, games, or activities, but the words people use to talk about coding all seem like a bunch of jargon at first. But once you’ve got a handle on all of these words and what they mean, learning to make software can be a piece of cake.

Praxent – Free Coding Games


Project management software for students helps them stay on top of coursework and collaborate on group projects. Wrike’s online collaboration tools for students are totally free.

learn about tech jobs


Nepris connects education with a vast network of industry professionals to engage students in learning.  The tools used to engage students are:  industry video library, research/compare careers information, live virtual chats with professionals and the ability to schedule a guest speaker for your classroom.  Now through April, Nepris’ will offer “Live Virtual Industry Chats” and their entire video library for free to engage students that are affected by school closures: 




Offering self-paced online virtual instruction on professional computer coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Java while using the same tools used at companies like Google, Facebook and Intel. Monthly Costs is $25 or discounted offer of yearly costs $149: 


Online Coding club for ages 9 through 16.  Students will learn text-base coding using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.  Codedigs is currently offering special online clubs that will meet once a week for a total of 4 weeks.  Monthly fee is $29: 


CodeAdvantage is offering online learning of coding fundamentals of software/web development and game design for Grades 2-8.  CodeAdvantage is currently offering special pricing for weekly classes, starting at  $185: 


Kodable has built a full-fledged coding curriculum for kids ages 4-10.  Kindergartners can learn basic programming logic and build from there so that by the time they’re in 5th grade, they’re writing JavaScript code.  $6.99/month or a special offer of $49.99/year:  

ID Tech 

Offering weeklong virtual camps in Minecraft World Designer, Scratch Game Design with Visual Coding, Minecraft Modding with Java Coding, Roblox Game Design: Coding and Monetization, Coding Games with JavaScript, 3D Game Design in Unity, Minecraft Modding in Java, Intro to Python Coding.  Space is limited, each weeklong camp costs $499: 



TNVA:  Tennessee Virtual Academy.  TNVA is a nonprofit public school offering free, full-time online learning for students in grades K8.  TNVA follows all state standards and requirements and useTN certified teachers who provide instruction and support. 

Big Universe:  A digital platform that offers students in grades K-12 free access to over 17,000+ eBooks.  These eBooks cover a wide variety of topics from science, math, technology, social studies and language arts. 

Infosys: Infosys Foundation in the US will open up their learning platform for teachers, so they can continue to school their students from home. 

STRIDE:  A game-based online learning system for grades K-8 in math, language arts, reading and science.  Short-form games deliver motivation, engagement, adding fun to learning.  K12 will be offering the STRIDE learning system free through June 30, 2020. 



  • AT&T 
  • Charter Communications/Spectrum 
  • Comcast Xfinity 
    • The Comcast Internet Essentials Program offers two months of free in-home internet to new customers. 
    • Offering free public wi-fi. Just select the “xfinitywifi” network name in the list of available hotspots.


continued education


Software Engineering Prep Program:  An online course that is self-paced, teaching JavaScript basic skills that you will need in order to get into any software engineering bootcamp.  This is a free preparatory learning that will provide you with world-class coding content and JavaScript exercises. 

Data Science Prep Course:  An online course that is self-paced, developing the foundation Python and statistics skills that you will need in order to get into any Data Science immersive bootcamp.  This is a free preparatory learning that will give you access to a Slack channel full of other learners. 

Treehouse: Job-ready program designed to educate adultin IT field: 

Code Academy: Career Paths that teach the core skills of Computer Science, Data Science, and Web Development, as well as Skill Paths focused on more specialized, shorter-term goals: