Tech Coach


Starting in 2021, NTC is launching a Tech Coach series to connect our Tech Professionals to our tech students to welcome and prepare students for their careers.   We know that tech education is key to growing our tech workforce – however, we also know that students need to explore all the different tech jobs to design a personal pathway before they crack open that Comp Sci fundamental book.   Upon graduation, this same student will need to learn corporate culture, how to land a job (write a killer resume, understand job search engines, develop strong communication skills to nail the interview) and to find a space of belonging among our tech community.

We have identified three areas of where our Tech Professional community can help our students – virtually – making it so easy to volunteer!

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Informational Interviews

This type of interview is conducted to collect information about a job, career field, industry, or company. It is not a job interview. Instead, it is an opportunity for a student to speak with a Tech Professional working in a field he or she would like to know more about. Through an informational interview, students can find out about a specific type of job, a person’s career path, or details on an industry or company.

Mock Interviews

This type of interview is for the Professional to review the student’s resume and create a “mock” environment by interviewing the student for a tech entry level position.  This interview calls for the Tech Professional to give immediate feedback to the student for improvement.

Tech Coach Sessions

NTC will hold a “Tech Coach” session once a month – check the calendar for upcoming sessions.  This is a zoom meeting that is hosted by a Tech Professional on many different topics, for example:  Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing to What are  the different industry certifications and their pathways.

So listen up, Tech Professionals!  We are looking for a few good coaches to volunteer their time and talent to our students – who are our greatest gift to the future!


Please join our team!  Click here for coaching opportunities