Computer programming intersects so many areas of our lives from the online world to cell phones to even our modern cars, but today there are not enough trained IT people to meet the needs of businesses. Across the US, there are currently 500,000 open IT positions and that number is expected to grow to 1.4 million in the next 5 years. We can give our local students a competitive advantage and help them to build a bright future by teaching them basic computer programming skills.

Professional Development

Learn Scratch, an educational programming language created by Google and developed by MIT.  Scratch is being used in thousands of elementary, middle-school, and high-school classrooms around the world. The information can be used in its entirety as a computing course, or selectively as part of other curricular areas. Many educators introduce creative computing as an after-school or lunch-time program, using the activities as inspiration and scaffolding for students’ open-ended explorations. Learn More

Professional Development/Conference Scholarships

Apply for a scholarship to attend a technology-related professional development workshop or conference.


Find an externship opportunity and spend time with local technology professionals.  Opportunities range from computer programming to web and application development to graphic design.  Learn More

Join a Tech Teacher Peer Group

Come learn best practices and share advice with other technology teachers – and teachers who are interested in technology What do other peer group information look like? Learn More

Workplace Field Trip

Visit 2-4 technology companies or IT departments and then finish the day visiting a local school that has a post-secondary tech curriculum.  Workplace Learning Days are field trips that provide students with opportunities to meet technology professionals on-site and learn first-hand about their experiences.  Contact Sandi Hoff