Shark Tank

The NTC seeks young entrepreneurs who will take up the challenge of designing practical products and applications that students and adults can use to make the world a better place. 

The Greater Nashville Technology Council will host a competition for innovative technology products, completely new or improvements on existing technology, that address the growing needs of our community or products that enhance enjoyment of life for all. 

Students are encouraged to be original and creative – successful projects are not based on products that already exist. Potential projects may be either a mobile app, web service, robotic, assistive device or any combination. The project should seek to address a need in at least one of the categories listed below (but not limited to the suggestions listed in each category):

  • Community Problems or Needs: Solutions driven products that address a local, national, or international problem or need. 
    • Environment, Health or Recreation: Promote healthy standards of living or lifestyle choices (e.g., solve environmental challenges, healthcare solutions, encourage physical activity, active participation in recreation and leisure activities, cooking, monitor health status, mobility, etc).
    • Safety: Enhance physical or online safety. 
  • Finance: Improve upon practices in commerce. 
  • Career Readiness: Building skills and access to how students prepare for the world that is becoming. 

Successful projects show innovation and a true understanding of needs identified. Students are encouraged to think about problems they see in the communities around them, address areas where improvement could change lives, to visit community centers, health care centers and to talk to family members, kids of all ages, adults, older adults or those with disabilities. It is essential to observe the real-life problems that people face every day in their homes and in their communities and then to explore the endless possibilities of real-life solutions.


  • In person at Tech Hill Commons in February 2023
  • Middle and High School Students from all over TN will pitch in person to a panel of judges
  • The top 3 teams will compete for the grand prize


Questions? Reach out to [email protected]