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The Nashville Technology Council is excited to begin its work exploring opportunities for accelerated learning programs to fill the talent needs of Middle TN. To be successful, this work must be informed by the technology community to better understand the need today and in the future, the skills necessary for success, and the pathway potential for entry-level technology professionals in companies like yours. We want your input!

We appreciate the partnership of key members of the technology community in this work, including the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the IT Skills Panel, the Community Colleges, the Nashville Software School, and The Iron Yard.


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Application Design & Development

Application Design and Development positions involve the design, documentation, development, and modification of new or existing applications software. This job family analyzes and designs quality technical solutions, which are aligned with business and IT strategies and comply with an organization’s architectural standards. Workers in this job family are involved in the full systems life cycle and are responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting applications software. This position can also make recommendations toward the development of new code or the reuse of existing code. Employees under this job family have experience in systems analysis, design and a solid understanding of development, quality assurance and integration methodologies.


The Data Strategy and Management job family involves planning, development, implementation, designing, and administration of IT systems for the acquisition, storage and retrieval of data. Positions in this family are responsible for mining complex data and providing systems-related advice for their organization. They design new ways to incorporate vast information with a focus on information technology topics and process research information for easier consumption and transform it into actionable plans.

Product Development & Design

The Product Development and Design family includes Product Support and Product Testing/Quality Assurance. Product design positions focus on the needs, wants and limitations of product users or consumers of a certain product. These jobs will analyze and foresee how users are likely to use a product and then design, validate and test that product to make sure it meets that end uses needs. These occupations required a “blended” skills set on both the creative side and the technical side. Highly creative, innovative, “outside the box” thinkers and people who are very efficient and have a keen attention to detail should pursue Product Design careers.


Programming and Development positions design, code, develop, test, and maintain various software solutions, including computer applications, web applications and websites, and software systems. In most cases these jobs require highly specific technical skills on various computer “languages” and could work in very flexible environments with non-traditional work hours. These jobs are well-suited for creative, detail-oriented problem solvers. A career in Programming and Development would be a good fit for individuals who are investigative, realistic, and conventional.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Information Security positions ensure that an organization’s data, computer systems, and network are secure and functioning smoothly. Individuals in these positions may evaluate systems, perform routine updates to equipment, and establish and implement IT security policies. Information Security jobs may be well-suited for individuals who are interested in security issues and fixing things – do you like to find weak points in security systems and find ways to strengthen those weaknesses? These jobs are a good fit for job seekers who are technical, realistic, creative, highly focused, conventional, and investigative in nature.

Web & Mobile, Networking & Telecommunications

Positions in the Networking and Telecommunications job family range from the design and implementation of network security systems and procedures, to providing support for network issues that come through a customer service center. The Networking job family is involved with the configuration and maintenance of physical and logical network components, and are involved with planning and designing the network infrastructure. Employees within this job family are typically team members or leaders who have a high degree of knowledge around networks, network diagnostic tools and software aids.

Client Relations & Customer Support

Client Relations includes sales, project support, management and delivery to your external (and sometimes internal) clients. This area ensures that IT projects run smoothly throughout the various phases of sales, development and delivery. These individuals work with clients to understand their need and then sell and manage the delivery of a product and/or service. Individuals in these jobs develop project timelines, manage resources and staff, document processes, test and evaluate the IT systems in place, manage relationships with all forms of project clients. These jobs might be a good fit for those who are excellent communicators, like working in a team, enjoy working with partners and clients, like bringing ideas to fruition, and solving complex problems.

Network & Cloud Administration

Network administrators make sure that computer hardware and network infrastructure relate to an organization’s data network. Network Administration positions design, implement, maintain, administer, and test database and network systems. They also create and implement standards and procedures to keep an organization’s data secure, accurate, and accessible. The jobs are well-suited for individuals who are organized, technically-inclined, and interested in systematic design. Investigative, detail oriented, and creative thinking job seekers may find a good career in Network Administration.


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