NTC Veterans Peer Group

Peer Group Vision Statement

To be a community of IT professionals (Veteran and non-Veteran) that support each other and the goals of the greater Middle Tennessee Technology Sector.

Peer Group Mission

  • To create an inclusive environment for non-veterans and veterans alike to share in their passion for technology and veteran causes.
  • Provide technology leadership to veterans, in the corporate arena, as entrepreneurs, or currently in transition from the service.
  • Provide leaders in technology an opportunity to mentor, network, and encourage veterans to pursue careers in technology in middle TN.

Peer Group Goals

NTC Veterans Peer Group began as a small group of technology-minded leaders. The group strives to evolve to meet the needs of professionals in the rapidly changing tech industry, as business leaders, entrepreneurs, or transitioning veterans. The NTC Veterans Peer Group was founded to support veterans in all areas of technology. This group provides a forum for Nashville veterans to empower each other in technology through education, mentoring, and networking.

Peer Group Mentorship Program

Many of the core skills, attitudes, behaviors and ethics of leadership are best learnt by modelling rather than in a formal classroom. The NTC Veteran’s Mentorship Program allows Veterans to model good leadership and offer practical guidance to their future leaders. Mentoring fosters not only professional growth but also personal growth, and can develop confidence in handling new situations, improve understanding of different approaches to a situation and enhance self-esteem for both mentors and mentees.

Through small group mentorship, this program seeks to provide Veterans with an opportunity for valuable peer-to-peer learning, professional development, and meaningful connections within the Middle Tennessee tech community. Participation is limited to Veterans working in, or interested in working in, the tech industry.

Click here to learn more about the Veterans Mentorship Program.

Leadership Committee Members

  • Jon Zagami: HCA Healthcare
  • Kathryn Acord: Dell EMC

Executive Board Members

  • Andy Flatt – CIO, NHC Healthcare
  • Greg Schaffer – CEO, vCISO Services, LLC
  • Andrew Baxter – Director Service Assurance, HCA
  • Chris Bayham – COO, XSOLIS

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