Business Intelligence & Analytics Peer Group


Connecting professionals within the Middle Tennessee industries to better serve the business analytics community.

We achieve our purpose/vision by:

  1. Innovative approaches to develop and educate members in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Developers, Business Analysts, Data Architects, Data Scientists, Project Managers and Data Management.
  2. Providing informative quarterly events including lunch & learns, networking, round tables, etc. 
  3. Hosting the annual Nashville Analytics Summit, a two-day conference alternating hands-on workshops & speaker presentations presented by experts from various industries & backgrounds.

Analytics Summit Steering Committee Members

  • Damian Mingle, Chief Data Scientist, SwitchPoint Ventures
  • Eric Stephens, Chief Analytics Officer, Nashville General Hospital
  • Lorelei Samuelson, Vice President of Analytics, Nielsen
  • Zach Gemignani, Founder & CEO, Juice Analytics
  • Dan George, Founder & CEO, Piper Key Analytics
  • Amy Harris, Associate Professor of BI & Analytics, MTSU
  • Jesse Spencer-Smith, Chief Data Scientist, Vanderbilt University, Data Science Institute
  • Kelly Mayes, Marketing and Communications Consultant, KKMC
  • Amanda Banks, Account Executive, Juice Analytics
  • Brad Morrow, Senior VP of Sales, 3-D Technology
  • Tod Fetherling, CEO, Perception Health
  • Robbie Morris, Sr. Security Manager, Governance, Risk, and Compliance, C Spire

BI & Analytics Peer Group Committee Members

  • Dave Castro
  • Chris O’Dowd, Quantum Metric
  • Alyssa Lackey, Warner Music Group
  • Jay Roy, JR & Associates
  • Bob Mansmann, Capitalize Consulting

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