Student Digital Safety Education Platform SurfWisely Dazzles with New Release
Written by: zapier | Posted Apr 5, 2024

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from: Student Digital Safety Education Platform SurfWisely Dazzles with New Release

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Student Digital Safety Education Platform SurfWisely Dazzles with New Release

April 5, 2024 Nashville Franklin-based student safety company Sufrwisely dba Precise Cyber Solutions, LLC. has released the latest version of its digital security program for students. SurfWisely version 2.0 aligns with ISTE Student Standards and Tennessee Career Clusters & Standards and now offers interactive activities, avatar creation, and the opportunity to collect trophies while striving to complete daily goals.

SurfWisely offers security awareness training tailored for students, and schools. Its approach is unique and research-backed; by gamifying the training process around a relatable sports theme, we ensure students not only understand but also enjoy the learning process. Studies have shown that gamified learning enhances memory retention by up to 90%

“Surfwisely’s mission is to ensure every student is equipped with the knowledge and skills to safely navigate the digital world, reducing the digital divide and fostering a generation of cyber-aware individuals,” explained Myron Grover, CEO of Precise Cyber Solutions, LLC. “We’ve listened to feedback from educators and are thrilled to announce SurfWisely with a fresh look and the features they’ve been dreaming of.”

“While there are many products and curriculum focused on digital ci5zenship, none truly address the need for cyber security awareness training for students,” said [PERSON’S NAME] (CTO) Colorado School District. “The SurfWiesly platform fills an unmet need for strong introductory material at a 5me when the risks of cyber events can impact a student’s future as well as increase the risk footprint of school districts.”

SurfWisely version 2.0 features:

  • Gamified Learning: Our sports-themed approach ensures students remain engaged and retain more information.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From safe browsing to data security, we cover all critical online safety topics.
  • Analytics Platform: Track the progress and accomplishments of students with ease, helping educators pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • Affordability: With tiered pricing options, our platform is accessible to families, individual students, and entire schools, ensuring equitable access to all.
  • Plug and Play Simplicity: Districts can’t afford more staff, expertise, and have little time and resources for teachers to learn new materials and there’s limited time in the school day. SurfWisely’s modules are designed with these constraints in mind. There’s no extensive PD and complications to getting students to the platform via their single sign-on usernames and passwords. With only a few instructions by a homeroom or other teacher, they’ll be off and running and finished with first module and eager for the next.

For more information or to schedule a demo of version 2.0, connect with the SurfWisely team on the web.

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