Google Fiber helps bridge the MNPS digital divide through ‘Tech Goes Home’ program
Written by: zapier | Posted Mar 6, 2024

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from: Google Fiber helps bridge the MNPS digital divide through ‘Tech Goes Home’ program

Nashville Public Education
Foundation Doubles Investment in ‘Tech Goes Home’ Program to Bridge MNPS
Digital Divide

Founding sponsor Google
Fiber returns along with new funders and a federal grant to expand outreach in
Nashville’s classrooms

TENN. – March 6, 2024 – The Nashville Public Education
Foundation (NPEF) and Google Fiber are strengthening their efforts to reduce the digital divide among Metro Nashville Public Schools families by expanding Tech Goes Home, a program that provides critical digital literacy skills for Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) families. This year, new funding will
focus on better understanding the digital needs of MNPS families, enhancing family engagement strategies, and decreasing the digital divide among our most vulnerable families.

In Nashville, many public school students and their families face a digital divide, lacking devices,
internet access, and digital literacy crucial for today’s modern educational demands. This gap is especially wide in underserved communities, affecting student success and parental involvement. Tech Goes Home addresses this gap by providing technology training for families who, in turn, receive a
complimentary laptop. Among basic computer skills like using Google Suite, developing documents, and sending emails, participating families also learn how to use the district’s learning management system so they can track and engage with their students’ learning.

“It’s concerning how many of our families do not have access to basic computer skills or technology
essential for parent engagement in our schools,” said Katie Cour, President and CEO of the Nashville Public Education Foundation. “Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Google Fiber, we’re able to help
close the gaps, giving families access to computer skills they need. We’re excited to see how much more we can do together to help our schools and families in Nashville.”

Since its inception in November 2022 at Madison Middle School, Tech Goes Home has supported families from 26 MNPS schools across eight school clusters, distributing more than 100 laptops
to those who completed the program. With a focus on serving families in schools with high percentages of economically disadvantaged students, Tech Goes Home includes translated services in Spanish, Burmese and Arabic.

“Tech Goes Home offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for those new to digital learning, while also helping engage Nashville families in their students’ learning,” said Ryun Jackson, Government & Community Affairs Manager, GFiber.” GFiber is proud to be a part of this program that is focused on upskilling entire families to be able to better navigate our very digital world.”

As the initial funder in NPEF’s digital divide work, Google Fiber’s support has significantly boosted the digital confidence of participating families, enabling them to interact more effectively with school
and district staff and administrators, collaborate with other families within MNPS and improve their abilities to support their children’s academic success. Numerous participants, especially those who speak languages other than English, have expressed how the program’s online translation tools have empowered them to communicate better and become more engaged in their children’s education.

The success of the program has inspired other funders to support NPEF in creating viable
digital access opportunities. A new iteration of the program is expected later this year that will support teachers and demonstrate how technology can be used to influence their lesson plans and amplify student learning.

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