EvidenceCare Secures Third Patent for CareGauge Clinical Variance Solution
Written by: zapier | Posted Feb 22, 2024

Posted by: EvidenceCare
from: EvidenceCare Secures Third Patent for CareGauge Clinical Variance Solution

BRENTWOOD, TN | February 22, 2024

EvidenceCare, a leading innovator in clinical workflow software, today announced it has secured its third patent for its award-winning CareGauge solution. This new patent, titled “Optimizing Data Flow And Display In An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System” (Patent No. 11894112), underscores EvidenceCare’s commitment to empowering physicians with real-time data insights to optimize patient care and reduce unnecessary costs.

This latest patent adds to EvidenceCare’s growing intellectual property portfolio, which already includes two other patents for CareGauge. The company’s unwavering commitment to innovation has positioned CareGauge as a leading solution for unwarranted clinical variation and reducing length of stay, helping healthcare providers deliver higher quality care at lower costs.

CareGauge seamlessly integrates with existing electronic health record systems to deliver real-time, zero-click insights into care variation and cost at the point of care.

“By providing key care utilization insights in real-time, not retrospectively, we are making it easier than ever for physicians to leverage the power of data analytics to improve patient care,” said Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Dr. Brian Fengler.

The previous CareGauge patents focused on the revolutionary way the data used to power CareGauge is organized and summarized. This new patent specifically addresses the challenge of cluttered EHR interfaces and limited screen space. It outlines a method for dynamically displaying relevant CareGauge data alongside a patient’s EMR record, ensuring critical information is readily available without disrupting physician workflow.

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Streamlined Workflow: CareGauge data automatically appears adjacent to the patient’s EMR, eliminating the need for physicians to toggle between multiple screens or applications.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: Real-time insights are readily available, empowering physicians to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.
    • Improved Data Visualization: The system dynamically adapts to different screen sizes and layouts, ensuring optimal data presentation.
    • Reduced Cognitive Load: By eliminating unnecessary clicks and navigation, physicians can focus on what matters most – their patients.

“This new patent reinforces our dedication to developing solutions that truly empower clinicians in an innovative way,” said Bo Bartholomew, CEO of EvidenceCare. “The future of healthcare will be fueled by real-time, automated data presented in a way that allows for clinicians to act on the insights provided.”

About EvidenceCare:
EvidenceCare is a unique type of clinical decision support system (CDSS) with its EHR-integrated and content-agnostic platform that empowers better care decisions by improving clinical workflows.

Founded in response to the professional experience of emergency physician Dr. Brian Fengler, the platform provides clinicians with evidence-based insights and measurable outcomes that improve hospital margins.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, EvidenceCare is a 2x honoree of the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies, a 2x Fierce Healthcare Best Product winner, and one of Nashville Business Journal’s Best Places to Work. To learn more, visit www.evidence.care

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