Rōnin Consulting Named Overall Winner of the TN HIMSS Generative AI Hackathon
Written by: zapier | Posted Dec 1, 2023

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from: Rōnin Consulting Named Overall Winner of the TN HIMSS Generative AI Hackathon

Rōnin Consulting clinches first place at the TN HIMSS Generative AI Hackathon, showcasing their expertise in AI-driven solutions and passion for delivering innovative software.

Nashville, Tenn. – November 21, 2023 — Rōnin Consulting, a leading provider of expert software development consulting services, earned first place overall and first place in their division at the 2023 TN HIMSS Generative AI Hackathon. 

The month-long Hackathon was comprised of 19 teams. The goal of the Hackathon was to solve a healthcare industry problem and leverage generative AI within the solution. For their winning entry, Rōnin Consulting focused on streamlining the prior authorization (PA) medication approval processes by using a cutting-edge AI model.

“Over our years of working within the healthcare industry, we have identified many instances of how AI-powered solutions can save companies time and ensure accuracy and compliance,” remarked Byron McClain, founder and owner of Rōnin Consulting. “This Hackathon allowed our team to explore one of these AI solutions and build something we are extremely proud of.” 

Technical sophistication was integral to the success of this project. Rōnin Consulting utilized open-source components and cloud-based technologies, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and a large language model (LLM) specifically fine-tuned with clinical data.

The solution was built to integrate seamlessly with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, identifying medication requests requiring prior authorization. With just one click, the cloud-based application generates patient-specific PA letters, which medical staff can review, edit, and download in PDF format for submission.

“Our secure, cross-cloud integration ensured HIPAA compliance and data security,” added Chris Bybee, Rōnin’s Chief Delivery Officer. “We also meticulously addressed the customer experience, LLM optimization, and encryption to create a usable and compliant application that safeguards patient information.

Rōnin Consulting’s success at the TN HIMSS Generative AI Hackathon illustrates the consultancy’s proficiency in implementing complex AI-enabled solutions in healthcare. The company plans to continue its work with AI and focus on custom AI applications built to increase the accuracy and accessibility of healthcare services. 

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