Welcome Nitra Security Inc., our Newest NTC Member!
Written by: zapier | Posted Aug 30, 2023

We’re excited to welcome Nitra Security Inc. as one of our newest members. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to Brian Liceaga, CEO for Nitra Security Inc..

What is the Mission of Nitra Security Inc.?

Nitra’s mission is to deliver solutions that enable secure business for clients and mitigate risk in a cost-effective manner. Nitra was founded on the premise that:
– We establish relationships for the long term, so we can ensure clients’ successful journey to security maturity.
– When we uncover risks and vulnerabilities, we will be there to support the client with remediation.
– We will never take our clients for granted and always put their needs first.
– We will always do right by the client.

What solutions does Nitra Security Inc. provide its customers?

Nitra Security’s three service pillars include cybersecurity advising & program development, assessments & compliance, and security engineering & staff augmentation. Clients often combine these services to maximize partnership benefits.

What kinds of services does Nitra Security Inc. offer?

Nitra Security is a cybersecurity services company offering advising, assessment, and staff augmentation services. Nitra offers its clients a superior quality of service developed from a unique blend of experiences in dozens of industries and technology environments. Nitra is committed to doing right by its clients by helping them understand, prioritize, and remediate enterprise risk.

What is the primary reason your organization decided to join the NTC?

Nitra is passionate about supporting the local community through jobs, services, and cybersecurity education. After speaking with technology colleagues in Nashville, they all recommended NTC as a key partner to connecting with the community.

What fun facts would you like to share about Nitra Security Inc.?

Nitra wants to turn Nashville into a cybersecurity hub! Reach out if you’re interested in making that dream a reality!

Thanks Brian for helping us to learn more about Nitra Security Inc.!