Welcome Northbay Networks, Inc. — New NTC Member
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Dec 12, 2022

We’re excited to welcome Northbay Networks, Inc as our newest member. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to Gary Vasconi, Director of Sales and Client Services at Northbay.

Q: Tell us about Northbay Networks and what product and services you provide:

A: Northbay Networks has been an industry leader of Global IT Asset Management and Disposition services since our inception in 2002. Overtime, our footprint has grown to meet the ever increasing requirements of our global client base, which includes all Northbay facilities along with our international ITAM partner network. The launch of our new End Point Logistics (EPL) division has added another industry leading service to our portfolio.

Q: What are the solutions is Northbay aiming to provide its customers?

Those services include:

1. Corp / Data Center Solutions for Relocation & Decommissioning + Data Destruction: Onsite Data Destruction, Physical Destruction, Secure Data Wiping,
NIST.800 Standards, OnSite Shredding,
Onsite Smart Hands.

2. ITAM Purchase Program: Depreciated Assets – EOL, Industry High Return Value,
Turn your EOL product into an Cash Asset.

3. Global End Point Logistics: On Boarding, Off Boarding, Asset / End Point Recovery, Compute Break, Fix, Repair, Secure Asset Storage, Apple Certified Repair, In House Apple Warranty Repair

Q: Why has Northbay joined the NTC?

To build our network in TN and the SE region, to have exposure to entry, mid, and tenured talent pools as we expand into the TN / SE regions as will build our new DC in the Franklin area. In addition, NBN would like to help develop new tech talent in the Nashville area, so more technology companies will think of TN as a Tech Hub.

Thanks Gary for helping us to learn more about Northbay Networks!