Welcome iONLINE Connected Networks, our Newest NTC Member!
Written by: zapier | Posted Dec 19, 2022

We’re excited to welcome iONLINE Connected Networks as our newest member. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to William Beech, Business Development VP for iONLINE Connected Networks.

What is the Mission of iONLINE Connected Networks?

Our mission: Supply personalized, cutting-edge, customer-centric, multi-network, LTE/5G; wireless managed connectivity solutions to our global customers, providing a truly secure, fully managed connected network to build their services on top of. The mission outcome will allow organizations around the world to safely connect their devices onto the wireless networks and scale with peace of mind.

What solutions does iONLINE Connected Networks provide its customers?

• Global private cellular network solutions
• Secure corporate mobility connectivity
• IoT connectivity – LTE/5G/Nb-iOT/LTE-m
• Private network IP controls
• Multiple network carrier aggregation
• Device to SIM locking
• SIM location tracking
• eSIM and eUICC multi profile SIMS
• Device solution for all IoT applications requiring low and high bandwidth throughputs
• Access to over 745 mobile network carriers (with consolidated billing)
• Network application control over wireless network operators
• Unified threat management (UTM) and advanced firewall service on mobile networks
• Data bundle network aggregation

What kinds of services does iONLINE Connected Networks offer?

Private wireless telecommunication and IoT connectivity services which include:
• Secure mobile connectivity solutions
• Real-time data, SIM & device management on private mobile networks
• Mobile network carrier aggregation

What is the primary reason your organization decided to join the NTC?

Two reasons, we look forward to engaging in the NTC to provide advanced connectivity services to the community, better enabling the community through wireless innovation allowing them to expanding their business both in Nashville and around the world.
We also want to engage in the NTC community to help to further the mission of NTC and its objectives.

What fun facts would you like to share about iONLINE Connected Networks?

Our Logo was originally inspired by the 2004 Mr. Incredibles cartoon series with the thinking that we would create an incredible online connectivity solution. The work we have accomplished to solve real world challenges is truly incredible and we have a sneaky suspicion that it has something to do with the fun that comes from cartoons themselves.
Started in a garage, now supports clients around the world in healthcare, security, financial, government, agriculture, waterworks, transportation and many other segments.

Thanks William for helping us to learn more about iONLINE Connected Networks!