Local tech company, Rustici Software, celebrates 20 years in business
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Mar 18, 2022

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from: Local tech company, Rustici Software, celebrates 20 years in business


Franklin, TN – March 18, 2022

Rustici Software, the global experts in eLearning standards and learning technologies, is celebrating 20 years in business on March 25, 2022. Co-founded by Vanderbilt alums, Mike Rustici and Tim Martin in 2002, Rustici has grown from being a software shop serving the Nashville market to a global leader in learning technologies, providing software solutions that power the majority of learning systems and applications around the world, serving the corporate, government and education sectors.

Over the past two decades, Rustici Software has collaborated with government agencies and industry communities to support the evolution of the standards, joined Learning Technologies Group (LTG), acquired JCA Solutions and posted consistent profitable growth throughout. While the company’s product portfolio, team and customer list have expanded, Rustici’s core tenants have remained constant.



“In 2002, we created our ideal company – a place we wanted to come to work every morning, a place filled with smart, hard working, fun people, a place built on trust that lets people make decisions and have lives outside of work. I’m happy to say that it’s not only possible, but that 20 years later, Rustici is still going strong.” 


-Mike Rustici, co-founder of Rustici Software


Starting from the early years of the company, Rustici Software has received numerous awards for its remarkable workplace culture. Rustici Software has created a unique environment where people want to work and that drive leads to providing exceptional service to their customers. Prior to March 2020, all but 2 of the 40 employees were based out of the Franklin, TN, office. Since that time, the team has grown, and Rustici has embraced a hybrid office approach with approximately 25% of the team now residing outside of the Middle TN area.


“Since the pandemic, the demand for more balance between work and life has only increased. This isn’t a new thing at Rustici. We’ve embraced this concept since the start, giving people the space to do their work and support them, while finding ways to add in the fun stuff so work doesn’t always feel like work. This approach not only goes a long way in terms of employee retention and continuity, but it carries through in how we support our customers and anyone who comes to us asking for help.” 


-Tammy Rutherford, Managing Director at Rustici Software


Rustici has seen even higher interest and increased demand for virtual training software since March 2020 when the pandemic began. From EdTech platforms to corporate learning systems, the need for scalable solutions and more modern approaches to the eLearning standards have been the primary focuses for the company.

About Rustici Software

Based in Franklin, TN, Rustici Software helps companies in the eLearning space work well together. As the world’s leading standards experts, they provide the tools and knowledge to help companies create, distribute, manage and play eLearning content. Since 2002, Rustici has assisted hundreds of elearning software vendors, organizations and government agencies conform to specifications like SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC. Rustici Software is part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG). Learn more at rusticisoftware.com.

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