Welcome Medontix, our Newest NTC Member!
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Sep 26, 2021

We’re excited to welcome Medontix as our newest member. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to Dan Arteaga, Founder and CEO for Medontix.

What is the Mission of Medontix?

To reshape how clinical research is conducted across healthcare institutions.

What solutions does Medontix provide its customers?

For hospitals: reduce the burden (time, money) of clinical trial enrollment off of both clinical trial coordinators as well as physicians, increase patient enrollments (and thus revenue generated by research program).

For trial sponsors: increase engagement across research sites, expedite trial completion times and thus reduce overall trial costs.

What kinds of services does Medontix offer?

We seek to streamline the enrollment of patients into clinical research trials within healthcare institutions via a modern web portal as well as IOS and Android apps.

What is the primary reason your organization decided to join the NTC?

To network with other tech organizations in the Nashville community.

Thanks Dan for helping us to learn more about Medontix!