Welcome Ursa Health, our Newest NTC Member!
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Apr 11, 2021

We’re excited to welcome Ursa Health as our newest member. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to Jerry Buchanan, SVP Business Development for Ursa Health.

What is the Mission of Ursa Health?

We exist for one not-so-simple reason: to help healthcare organizations reinvent their use of data to learn, make decisions, and innovate.

What solutions does Ursa Health provide its customers?

Ursa Studio is a fully no-code, software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics development platform that transforms the way innovation teams work. The platform effectively balances out-of-the-box acceleration with infinite customizability, allowing organizations to “buy their own build” of an analytics infrastructure and removing the traditional roadblocks that stand in the way of relevant, accurate and timely insights and action. Capabilities span the data transformation spectrum from data preparation and management to the deep healthcare-specific intelligence needed act with certainty to improve clinical, operational, and financial performance:

• Data preparation: a no-code authoring wizard across the full spectrum of data prep, from raw source tables to processed analytic frames and predictive models
• Data modeling: a native ETL tool that auto-detects dependencies between tables and executes healthcare-specific transformations (e.g., episode generation)
• Data integrity: documentation of master data directly in the development tool, centralizing maintenance of logic and definitions
• Packaged analytics: configurable out-of-the-box performance insights across operational, clinical, and financial domains
• Visualization: a native visualization layer with automated high-end statistical reporting capabilities
• Custom analytics: flexible, rapid construction of measures for any healthcare use case, plus expert professional services as needed
• Collaboration: Configurable dashboard builds with single-click sharing, unifying clinical, business, and data teams
• Advanced analytics: seamless configuration of the bidirectional flow of rich data frames and AI/ML models directly within the platform

In addition, we offer a range of professional services to ensure our clients get started quickly and achieve the full value of Ursa Studio, such as database programming, data model architecture, measure specification, improvement project implementation, and advanced analytics.

What kinds of services does Ursa Health offer?

Ursa Health is a data analytics software and professional services company formed by clinical, IT, and healthcare industry veterans dedicated to improving quality and reducing waste in the U.S. healthcare system.

What is the primary reason your organization decided to join the NTC?

The NTC is a driving force pushing Nashville forward as a leader in technology-based innovation and development and has always championed the critical role of data analytics in achieving peak performance. Also, as a Nashville-based company, we appreciate the high-value networking and professional development opportunities offered throughout the year, which many of us have participated in throughout the course of our professional careers. We also look forward to the Analytics Summit each year, one of your most widely attended events.

What fun facts would you like to share about Ursa Health?

We founded Ursa Health because we were in roles that required us to generate analytics that enabled continuous quality improvement at a complex, integrated health system. And it required far more time and muscle than it should have to ensure accuracy and local relevance, which relies on the ability to rapidly iterate between analytics generators and analytics users. So we built the platform ourselves from the ground up.

We’re a completely virtual company at this point, although we have a critical mass of employees in Nashville. Maintaining a strong culture is particularly hard when you can’t physically meet with colleagues very often (and in the past year, not at all), but it’s always been a priority for us, so we get creative about it; for example, we regularly get together to play online board games.

Thanks Jerry for helping us to learn more about Ursa Health!