Welcome ITX, our Newest NTC Member!
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Sep 21, 2020

We’re excited to welcome ITX as our newest member. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to David Leitner, National Sales Executive for ITX.

What is the Mission of ITX?

We deliver technology that solves challenging business problems so our clients can move, touch, and inspire the world. Fulfilling that mission is what gets us up in the morning.

What solutions does ITX provide its customers?

ITX applies cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to deliver the following core capabilities: UX Design; Software Product Strategy; Architecture, Development & Security; Data Science; Marketing Services; and Production Support.​

What kinds of services does ITX offer?

ITX delivers high-impact business solutions by providing outsourced software product development across a broad range of industries. Founded in 1997, ITX has assembled a talented team of product specialists from across the country and around the world. We create custom enterprise B2B software products and produce full-scale platforms for hundreds of thousands of users to perform business-critical activities in multiple disciplines.

ITX culture fosters an open and collaborative approach to our work that spans teams, departments, and state and national borders. However, it is our values – as an organization and as individuals – that bring us together to push the limits of technology and drive results for our clients.

What is the primary reason your organization decided to join the NTC?

ITX joined the Nashville Technology Council to engage with a like-minded membership. Like NTC, ITX is a values-driven organization. Our culture emphasizes Integrity, Innovation, Elegance, Mastery, and Success. We live these values through collaboration and continuous learning with our clients, colleagues, and co-workers.

We choose to be with and among the technology professionals who inspire the future of our economic growth. ITX was established to serve others and help solve their most vexing business problems through technology. We learn and grow best when we surround ourselves with clients and fellow product people who share our desire to build enduring relationships.

What fun facts would you like to share about ITX?

Well ahead of its time, ITX was founded as a “remote first” organization, which means that we seek to hire, train, and retain the finest product development expertise we can find – anywhere in the world. “Remote first” also means that our teams transitioned seamlessly to a COVID-driven remote work environment.

For the past 10 years, ITX has published a Yearbook that recognizes the amazing software solutions we deliver for our clients, while also celebrating our teams’ powerful diversity that allows us to thrive together.

Thanks David for helping us to learn more about ITX!