PlayMaker Health Announces the Availability of Q4 2019 Market Data and Growth Trends
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jul 20, 2020

From: PlayMaker Health

from: PlayMaker Health Announces the Availability of Q4 2019 Market Data and Growth Trends

PlayMaker Health reveals industry home health, hospice and MA benchmarks, launch of Market Insights for Home Health and Hospice AgenciesNASHVILLE, TN – July 16, 2020 – PlayMaker Health, the industry-leading post-acute sales enablement and business intelligence platform, today announced its Q4 2019 Post-Acute Market Data Update, containing Home Health and Hospice data released in May 2020 with claims through December 31, 2019.Medicare Advantage (Q4 2018 -Q4 2019)National Volume: Patients are using Medicare Advantage (MA) at a rate of 34% of Medicare, a 4% increase over the prior period
From Q4 2018 to Q4 2019, the growth in Medicare Advantage enrollment as a percentage of Medicare grew steadily. This upward trend is expected to continue through 2020, in part, due to the highest number of plan options for the average beneficiary in a decade.Q4 2019 Home Health InsightsYear over Year GrowthNationally: 2.45% decline in home health admissions, based on volume
By State: Range of 19.0% decline to a 19.0% increase with twelve states over 0%
Similar to Q3 2019, the benchmarks continue to validate transition from traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage and demonstrate the ongoing enrollment increase in Medicare Advantage utilization.PDGM Admissions SourceNationally: 60.0% of home health referrals were from community sources, while 40.0% of referrals were from institutional sources
By State: 41.0%-75.9% of home health admissions came from community sources
Slight increases in institutional referral sources from Q3 2019 indicate agencies are actively preparing for PDGM and the higher reimbursement rates per CMS.Q4 2019 Hospice InsightsYear Over Year GrowthNationally: 6.0% increase in hospice admissions, based on volume
By State: Range of 2.8% decline to a 19.8% increase in hospice admissions
Average Length of Stay(*PlayMaker Health LOS calculation only includes patients who have discharged)Nationally: Average hospice length of stay was 56 days, with a median of 16 days
By State: Average hospice length of stay ranged from 32 to 72 days
LOS benchmarks remained the same in Q4. Both benchmarks continue to demonstrate the opportunity for patients and families to receive the full benefit of hospice from a longer length of stay.As home health and hospice agencies navigate PDGM and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, their sales and marketing teams are now virtual and leverage data at an unprecedented pace. Market Insights, the next evolution of PlayMaker Health’s platform gives marketers greater access to a mobile-first, fully searchable, 360-degree physician referral profiles, to build a highly targeted book of business in minutes.“The launch of Market Insights is the direct result of client feedback and market demand.As agencies begin to plan beyond the pandemic, they need in-depth data visibility and efficient sales and marketing processes to maintain strong referral relationships and accelerate opportunities,” says Gregg Boyle, CEO of PlayMaker Health. “Our focus for the future is to continue to innovate quickly by giving agencies near real-time market and business intelligence and accelerate development to meet and exceed client expectations.”About PlayMaker HealthWith 12 years of unparalleled growth for clients and partners, PlayMaker Health is proud to be the post-acute growth platform for more than 2,300 home health, hospice, HME, Infusion, and long-term care agencies and organizations nationwide. PlayMaker delivers the most comprehensive and current claims data, including Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Commercial. By combining market data and over 35 EMR integrations with a mobile CRM, PlayMaker’s platform facilitates interoperability, turning data insights into actionable sales and growth intelligence. Learn more at

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