InfoSystems Sells Stake in APSU, Inc.
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jul 15, 2020

From: InfoSystems
from: InfoSystems Sells Stake in APSU, Inc.

Two years after assuming leadership of the UK cloud service provider, APSU, Inc., InfoSystems has sold APSU to New York-based Tectrade. Chattanooga, Tennessee (July 15, 2020) — InfoSystems, an information technology and cybersecurity firm headquartered in Chattanooga with offices in Nashville and Knoxville, has sold its stake in APSU, Inc., a Chattanooga-based cloud service provider, to Tectrade, a New York-based group focusing on cloud services and data protection, as well as data storage and infrastructure.

“We are incredibly pleased with our successful APSU experience and happy about the transfer of ownership to Tectrade,” said Keith Hales, Chief Operating Officer at InfoSystems. “Since we took over the business more than two years ago, we’ve been able to boost its bottom line and lengthen its client roster substantially. Building on that momentum, Tectrade has the team and resources in place to aggressively expand on what we’ve built.”

In addition to purchasing InfoSystems’ stake, Tectrade has purchased the remaining balance of APSU, making it the sole owner of the company. As part of the agreement, Tectrade intends to keep the full Chattanooga support team in place, and continue to house it at the InfoSystems headquarters.

“As soon as we purchased APSU in 2018, we were able to add some top-tier members to that team,” said Scott Davis, Chief Executive Officer at InfoSystems. “When evaluating this new deal, one of the most important factors for us was the ability to keep the APSU team in place here in Chattanooga. Now, those professionals will have the chance to keep growing with the business they’ve played a large hand in making a success.”

APSU, Inc. offers managed information technology services, cloud computing, and is an IBM partner for disaster recovery needs. Though remaining an APSU partner, by selling its ownership share, InfoSystems will focus its energies and resources on its cybersecurity and IT services.

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