Welcome TeamOnUP, our Newest NTC Member!
Written by: Erin Whitaker | Posted Jun 1, 2020

We’re excited to welcome TeamOnUP as our newest member. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to Mike Kelly, CEO for TeamOnUP.

What is the Mission of TeamOnUP?

TeamOnUP’s mission is to provide access to self-fulfillment, growth and opportunity for all employees that want it. We make work worth it for employers and their employees!

What solutions does TeamOnUP provide its customers?

Software solutions for a totally new employee experience.
1. An assessment that quantifies worklife balance.
2. Personalized goal planning software that enables each employee to create and champion their goals with managers and peers alike.
3. Micro-mentorships that enable trusted, peer to peer advisory.
4. Business intelligence for leadership that provides the cognitive data insights into company culture with actions that improve the bottom line.
5. And WAY MORE!

What kinds of services does TeamOnUP offer?

TeamOnUP is a data-driven, employee experience platform that unlocks hidden value inside companies by creating a new worklife experience for all employees.

What is the primary reason your organization decided to join the NTC?

To make friends in Nashville and to build our mighty business with like-minded people.

What fun facts would you like to share about TeamOnUP?

We are awesome!

Thanks Mike for helping us to learn more about TeamOnUP!