Meet Sarah Barzinji – ApprentiTN – IT Infrastructure Professional Cohort
Written by: | Posted Jun 8, 2020

Meet Sarah Barzinji!

Sarah Barzinji has been enrolled in ApprentiTN, an apprentice model that combines tech classroom instruction with one-year of paid on-the-job training.  Sarah started the IT Infrastructure Professional cohort last March and is set to graduate June 24th.  She is currently working towards CompTIA certifications.  Sarah is an experienced IT professional with project management and procurement background offering technical expertise in purchasing products and services.  She is Multi-lingual in Kurdish, Arabic, and English.  She worked with US Army using languages and IT skills as culture adviser / IT consultant.

Sarah says the following about ApprentiTN in her native Kurdish language:

به رنامه ی گه شه پیدانی پیشه یی له ریی راهینانی پراکتیکی بو ریخوشکردنی لیهاته یه کی پراکتیکی له بواری ته کنولوژیا، ده رفه تیکیبوم روخساند بو گه شه پیکردن و په ره پیدانی توانام له ته کنولوژیای زانیاری. زور خوشحالم که ئه م ده رفه ته زیرینییه م پی دراوه بوگورینی ژیانم و به ده سهینانی ئه و کاره ی که خه ونم پیوه ئه بینی.

[English Translation] “The professional development program through practical training to create professional competence in the field of technology has provided me with the opportunity to enhance, develop and expand my IT skills. I’m so happy to have given this a golden opportunity to change my life and get the job I dreamed of.”

Sarah will be available for one-year apprenticeship after June 24th.  To learn more about Sarah and ApprentiTN, please contact Steve Cherry, VP of Corporate Outreach at [email protected].