Meet David Beihl – ApprentiTN – IT Support Professional Cohort
Written by: | Posted Jun 5, 2020

Meet David Beihl!

David Biehl has been enrolled in ApprentiTN, an apprentice model that combines tech classroom instruction with one-year of paid on-the-job training.  David started the IT Infrastructure Professional cohort last March and is set to graduate June 24th.  The IT Support Professional program will give David the knowledge in areas of System, Network, Security administration and support working toward CompTIA certifications.  David has passed his first test and attained his CompTIA A+ certification this May.  We are so proud of him! David is an Air Force Veteran that worked as a Communications and Computer Systems Operator.

David has shared the following about ApprentiTN:

“I am fortunate to be accepted into the  ApprentiTN program after being out of the tech field for over 10 years.  It has allowed me to further my education in the technology field. I didn’t realize how much I missed working with computers and networks until recently and am looking to get my foot in the door with a company that aligns with my goals to put my skills and experience to use.”

David will be available for one-year apprenticeship after June 24th.  To learn more about David and ApprentiTN, please contact Steve Cherry, VP of Corporate Outreach.