Meet Micheal Anderson – ApprentiTN – IT Infrastructure Professional cohort
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted May 25, 2020

Meet Micheal Anderson!

Micheal has been enrolled in ApprentiTN, an apprentice model that combines tech classroom instruction with one year of paid on-the-job training. Micheal started in the IT Infrastructure Professional cohort last March and is set to graduate with CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network + and CompTIA Linux + certifications on June 24th.

Micheal explains that the ApprentiTN:

“has been a big help in further exposing me to the Networking and A+ disciplines. They have a unique approach that centers on pairing individuals of all career levels with companies who are willing to accept us and teach us their unique ways and methods for succeeding in their career opportunities.”

He hopes that his new certifications and skills that he gained through the ApprentiTN program, will open new opportunities and paths in tech. When Micheal isn’t in class, you can find him playing chess, filming or writing music. He is a Father of 3 and Grandad who enjoys seeing life through a lens of a child.

Micheal will be available for one year apprenticeship after June 24th. To learn more about Micheal and ApprentiTN, please contact Steve Cherry, VP of Corporate Outreach.