Displaced Job Seekers, Meet Employers. Employeers Seeking Workers, Meet Great Talent.
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Mar 27, 2020

Times are difficult right now, to say the least!

It’s an unfortunate reality that businesses are closing or downsizing. That means, there are a growing number of talented tech workers who are seeking a new opportunity right now.


Displaced Job Seekers: Submit Your Resume Now

If you are looking for a new opportunity after being recently displaced, the NTC would like to help by sharing your resume and details with 500+ tech community members. Click the button below to submit your details now!




Employers: Displaced Tech Talent Need Jobs Now

Employers: are you looking for a few good women and men? Here’s your opportunity to put some amazing talent to work right now.

Log into the NTC Member Portal now, click the Resources button at the top, then scroll down and click on the “Talent Seeking Work” link to download a document that will update with the latest job seeker submissions. See the image below for where to click:

Log Into the NTC member Portal to find tech talent

Missing your member log in? Let us know.

Employers – also remember, you can also post your available jobs the NTC Member portal as well! Just click on Jobs button in the left column of the NTC Member Portal, then click the blue Add Jobs button, add your details, then submit! We’ll approve it and promote it in the upcoming weekly newsletter.