How Complex Is Tech? Asurion CES Poll Finds Tech Stresses Out Even the Tech Industry
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jan 18, 2020

From: Asurion
from: How Complex Is Tech? Asurion CES Poll Finds Tech Stresses Out Even the Tech Industry


Biggest Stressors: Wireless Network Routers, Phones and Troubleshooting Tech That Worked Fine Yesterday

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Even the savviest members of the tech industry get stressed by common devices that power their everyday lives, according to a recent poll conducted at CES® 2020 by Asurion, the global leader in helping people connect, protect and enjoy their tech.

Asurion surveyed nearly 1,400 attendees of CES 20201, the world’s largest and most influential tech industry event, about their relationship with personal tech and their role as tech expert for family and friends. What the tech care company found is that even the tech-savvy, tech DIY’ers and early adopters stress out over some of the most ordinary devices in our hands and homes.

So, what tech tops the list of devices that stress out some of the consumer electronics industry’s tech enthusiasts?
Mesh routers and Wi-Fi networks (33%)
Phones (26%)
Smart home security systems (23%)

And, the tech-related activities that even the tech-savvy dread the most?
Troubleshooting a device that worked perfectly yesterday (39%)
Device security (27%)
Setting up devices (nearly 27%)

Asurion helps nearly 300 million customers worldwide unlock the potential of their tech with a team of over 10,000 Experts who are just a call, click or tap away. The company’s Experts provide ongoing tech support, same-day device repair, and same-day delivery and setup services. They’ll meet customers virtually, in-home, at select partner stores, and in more than 540 uBreakiFix stores across the country or wherever it’s convenient.

“The tech industry just spent four amazing days experiencing and celebrating the latest innovations in the future of tech. What we heard is that even common tech tasks and devices can be challenging,” said Teresa May, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Asurion. “Every day, our Experts help people across the country with their devices – everything from setting up a new phone to troubleshooting streaming issues on their smart TVs. Our CES poll reveals that the industry’s top tech innovators share the same pain points affecting millions of Americans.”

Asurion’s Experts received more than 18.5 million calls and chats from customers seeking tech help last year. And while the No. 1 question this holiday was a strong “How do I activate my new phone?” Asurion Experts also received many questions ranging from “How do I connect to Wi-Fi?” to “Can I sync my smart speakers to play them in tandem?”

And while the tech industry may have tech challenges of their own, they also get tapped by family and friends for help. Eight out of 10 attendees surveyed said their family and friends rely on them to help set up and troubleshoot their tech. Nearly two-thirds (63%) said they hesitate to gift tech to their loved ones because the recipient won’t know how to use it, and nearly half (46%) gave pause to gifting tech to family and friends because they didn’t want to be the one to help set it up.

Asurion CES Tech Poll

Consumer Tech Devices That Stress CES Attendees Out the Most

Mesh Routers and Wi-Fi Networks (33%)
Phones (26%)
Smart Home Security Systems (23%)
Smart Home Assistants/Hubs (20%)
Bluetooth Printers (19%)

Smart Home Automation (19%)
Laptops/Tablets (18%)
Smart TVs (17%)
Smart Appliances (14%)
Home Energy, Lighting and Switches (13%)

Tech Activities That Stress Out CES Attendees the Most

Troubleshooting Tech That Worked Perfectly Yesterday (39%)
Security (27%)
Setting up a Device (27%)
Privacy (23%)
Helping Others With Their Tech (20%)
Managing or Connecting Multiple Devices (19%)
Wi-Fi Connectivity (19%)
Paying for Personal Data Storage (18%)
Learning a New Operating System (17%)
Choosing Which Brand To Purchase (17%)

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1 – Self-administered, online poll conducted at Asurion’s CES booth in Las Vegas between Jan. 4–7, 2020, of 1,376 people who work in the tech industry and who attended CES 2020.


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