Stratasan Launches Star Platform to Support Hospital Associations
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Oct 17, 2019

From: Stratasan
from: Stratasan Launches Star Platform to Support Hospital Associations


New Mexico Hospital Association Adopts Platform to Achieve Advanced Data Analytics for Member Hospitals

Nashville, TN, (Oct. 17, 2019) — Stratasan, LLC, a Nashville-based healthcare data analytics software provider, has launched a robust, new software platform that enables hospital associations to more effectively aggregate member facilities’ data. The Star Platform provides immediate access to high-quality, reliable data that allows users to answer market questions and make informed strategic growth decisions. The New Mexico Hospital Association (NMHA) will partner with Stratasan to make this software available to its state-wide membership.

Modeled on a successful partnership with the Texas Hospital Association, and on the heels of a significant funding round, Stratasan developed the Star Platform to meet the needs of hospital associations looking for a smarter data strategy. By integrating this technology for their member facilities, NMHA and other state hospital associations can offer a trustworthy data foundation to hospital members of every size and type — enabling business intelligence strategies based on the most current and reliable market intelligence.

“Stratasan’s new, dynamic platform offers our members more flexibility and speed, allowing the ability to drill down quickly to reach the answers they need to shape and grow their business strategy,” said Deborah Gorenz, president of Hospital Services Corporation, a subsidiary of the New Mexico Hospital Association.

Healthcare leaders are under increasing pressure to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time for their patient population. In order to do that, they need reliable, current data and, most importantly, they need to know what to do with that data — what actions to take and where to focus. Stratasan’s Star Platform removes the roadblock of data collection and cleaning and creates more opportunities for the valuable work of strategy and planning.

“Stratasan is partnering with hospital associations to increase the value they can provide to member hospitals in the form of faster access to data for more informed strategic growth decisions,” said Jason Moore, founder and CEO of Stratasan. “We’re excited about this new partnership with the New Mexico Hospital Association and look forward to supporting the growth efforts of their member hospitals.”


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