Welcome MobileMentor – NTC Featured Member for June 2019
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jun 4, 2019

For the month of June, we welcome Mobile Mentor as our featured member. To tell us more about the organization, we spoke to Brett Dabdoub, Marketing Manager for Mobile Mentor.

What is Mobile Mentor?

Mobile Mentor is a 15-year old company from New Zealand that established an office in Nashville in 2017. Everyone asks why Nashville and the founder Denis O’Shea has a simple response – HCA. “Even from New Zealand it was clear to us that HCA was leading the way in the use of mobile technology in healthcare so we wanted to become one of their mobile technology partners”.

We believe that mobile technology will play a vital role in the future of healthcare service delivery and we’d like Mobile Mentor to be a strategic partner for the leading providers. Our mission is to provide software, security and support to empower the mobile workforce.

Fast forward a couple of years and Mobile Mentor has become an integral part of the Nashville business ecosystem. The company is an active member of the Nashville Technology Council, Nashville Healthcare Council, TN HiMSS, Leadership Healthcare Council, The Disruption lab, Entrepreneur Center and Entrepreneur Organization. Two of the company’s leaders are members of the NTC Vets peer group and one is part of the NTC ELITE Cohort.

Mobile Mentor has also established strong relationships with the leading universities in Nashville and is actively recruiting graduates and interns from Owen Vanderbilt, Belmont and MTSU. The company recently participated in the NTC Tech Day program and hosted a high school group to learn about mobile app development in healthcare.

It is clear that Nashville is exactly where Mobile Mentor wants to be and they are deliberately building a strong local team and growing deep roots in the community. Mobile Mentor has already relocated many people to Nashville and as the labor market tightens, Mobile Mentor intends to leverage company resources in New Zealand and Australia with staff rotations and exchange programs between their offices. We can probably expect to hear more Kiwi and Aussie accents in Nashville in the coming years.

What is Mobile Mentor’s mission?

To unlock the massive potential of mobile technology in the enterprise

What are the solutions does Mobile Mentor offer to its customers?

Mobile App Development, Mobile Security Support, Mobile Support Services.

How are Mobile Mentor’s employees finding value in NTC’s membership?

Peer-to-peer engagement, on-site learning opportunities, networking, continuing education and training, community involvement.

What are the opportunities you’ve seen elsewhere that you’d like to see more of in Nashville?

Some organizations have not really embraced mobile technology for their care workers and in our opinion, there is too much reliance on faxes, pagers, printers, scanners and paper records.

For providers where cost is a barrier, we believe that putting a good BYO program in place in the key to unlock the potential of mobile for all care workers. We have helped with successful BYO deployments overseas for banks, government entities and healthcare providers.

The key is in the policy and program design to achieve the right balance between security, usability and cost. When done properly, BYO can be scaled successfully. This can apply to specialist physicians using personal iPads or 1099 care workers in the community.

What are you most excited about in Nashville?

Seeing the healthcare community reap the benefits of mobile technology in healthcare.

Thanks to Brett for helping us to learn more about Mobile Mentor!

Don’t forget to say hello to the Mobile Mentor team at the NTC Summer Party on June 11 at Tech Hill Commons.

You can learn more about the NTC Featured Member of the Month Program here,  and if your organization is interested, please reach out to our events team.