Asurion Teams Up with Staples to Help Customers Get More from Their Tech
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Apr 15, 2019

From: Asurion
from: Asurion Teams Up with Staples to Help Customers Get More from Their Tech


New Protection and Support Plans Provide One-Click Access to a Live Tech Expert to Help with Everything from Setting Up Your New Device, Troubleshooting Wi-Fi, Optimizing Your Home Network and More

Nashville, TN, April 10, 2019 – Asurion, the global leader in helping people unlock the potential of technology, announced today that it’s working with Staples to provide customers with quick and easy tech help on their personal, smart home and home office technology. Available now, Staples customers who purchase a new tech device and a Staples Protection & Tech Help Plan will receive Asurion’s award-winning product protection and expert tech help, including personal setup assistance, troubleshooting any issues with your device, and repair or replacement – no matter the brand or platform.

Asurion provides one-click phone or chat access to tech experts to help solve any technology issues that customers may have with their covered tech device, from setting up a tablet or router, to connecting a streaming device to your TV, to device repair or replacement. Unlike traditional tech support, there’s no waiting in queue to reach a live person, and there’s no question too big or small regardless of the tech device brand or platform. Instead, you can get back to video chatting with your family, streaming your favorite TV show or uploading your presentation for work.

“As we continue to expand Staples’ assortment of personal, smart home and home office tech options for our customers, it’s only natural that questions come up regarding how to get the devices setup and working together, how to optimize them to work more smoothly, and ‘Who do I go to when I need more help?’,” said Peter Scala, Staples Chief Merchandising Officer. “Our new Staples Protection and Tech Help plans powered by Asurion provide the solution to all these questions in one place, helping our customers to be more productive and connected through their technology.”

Asurion provides protection and support to 300 million customers globally, including 55 million
U.S. customers who receive expert tech help such as proactive tips to help customers get the most out of their technology and keep it running smoothly.

“At Asurion, we believe that it should be easy for customers to keep all their personal, home and work devices connected to each other and running smoothly,” said Rob DiRocco, Senior Vice President, Asurion Client Services and Sales. “We’re excited to work with Staples to offer customers easy access to our tech experts, along with comprehensive product protection and support, to help their tech work better.”

Tech Help When You Want It
Asurion’s award-winning expert tech help provides a smarter way to deal with all your tech issues, such as:
Troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues and connectivity problems
Set up your smart home devices
Optimize your device or home network settings
Resolve security concerns
Set up parental controls
Resolve device software issues
Learn new product features

Products eligible for Staples Protection & Tech Help Plan powered by Asurion include smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, printers, routers, speakers, streaming devices and more. In addition to unlimited expert tech help at the touch of a button, Staples Protection & Tech Help Plan provides protection from mechanical and electrical failures; and failures due to drops, spills and cracked screens for portable electronics. It also covers breakdowns including those due to normal wear and tear; damage due to dust, heat and humidity; power surges and defects in materials and workmanship1. There are no deductibles and no additional fees.

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