How Cook & Pilgrim are Addressing Nashville’s Tech Shortage with the Endgame in Mind
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Nov 26, 2018

How One Local Staffing Company is Addressing Nashville’s Software Developer Gap

Nashville needs more solutions to fit the different needs of prospective employers to find qualified, enterprise-level software developers that can help to bring so much new and innovative thinking in Nashville to life. Many local companies have worked to developed different training programs to address the problem, and Cook has created a new program to yield consistently highquality developers.

Pilgrim Consulting has partnered with Cook Systems to help meet their need by hosting nine-week in-person developer training courses that train highly qualified candidates to meet industry needs and prepare them to make an immediate impact as software developers.

The classes are reserved exclusively for those who have the aptitude and beginning skillset to be successful in the field. Software developers are identified through a rigorous, multi-step screening process and additional cognitive analysis conducted prior to admission to the program. These candidates are not only more prone to succeed, but already have some experience as skilled coders.

The program is called FastTrack’D and Cook charges no tuition to the trainee and only enrolls those people who Cook has the confidence will graduate ready to enter the workforce. Cook’s leadership believes that by removing the financial mandate, it eliminates the desire to pass everyone. The success of FastTrack’D is determined by placing contracted developers into a work environment and them immediately contributing to the team where they are placed.

Another key component that makes FastTrack’D successful is the focus on interpersonal development. Cook’s research and development department conduct Myers-Briggs assessment on the candidates to help them identify strengths and areas of development, and design a plan for the candidate’s personal growth. This helps the candidates quickly adjust to the team they are placed with. Cook wants the software developers that graduate from its FastTrack’D program to not just be great developers, but also successful team members who can communicate effectively.

Upon completion of the class, FastTrack’D graduates are well prepared to succeed as software developers in all facets of the workplace from technical proficiency and teamwork to interpersonal development and problem-solving skills.

Cook’s FastTrack’D program does not simply produce enterprise-level software developers, but it is known to change people’s lives. The program has taken career changers from plumbers and truck drivers and helped them jump start into a career in IT, one of the fastest-growing industries in the US, providing them with a higher-paying future.

Cook Systems is looking for enterprise level partner companies that are interested in growing tech talent in Nashville via a non-traditional educational program, one that has changed lives. For more information click here: