Flockgen Announces New 1-to-Many Partnerships Growth Platform
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Oct 25, 2018

From: Flockgen
from: Flockgen Announces New 1-to-Many Partnerships Growth Platform


Flockgen, a Nashville-based company, today announces its first-of-its-kind business development platform. Flockgen helps B2B companies with account expansion by bringing new services to their customers at scale. Through the nationwide Flockgen partner platform, businesses find, connect, and collaborate with fully-vetted B2B organizations that can deliver increased value to their customers. The platform is unique in that it makes it easy for organizations to build relationships with an unlimited number of business partners at once.

By simply sharing customer introductions, each partner’s business network grows larger and more profitable. With the Flockgen platform, once costly, time-consuming and risky business development efforts are accessible to companies of all sizes. It’s leveling the playing field by removing the friction that often restricts business relationships. Flockgen gets rid of the limitations of traditional 1-to-1 partnership models, so companies can stretch their resources further and achieve more by working together.

Businesses always own their customer relationships, and those valued relationships are protected at all times. The lifetime value of their customers stays with the partner, and that value increases with each new service offered. Partners select from a variety of B2B services offered by the Flockgen menu. As more services are added and sold, revenue growth increases for all partners. This network multiplier effect allows for maximum revenue expansion.

“Limits on resources and internal expertise make strategic partnerships an attractive business development strategy, but it’s challenging for middle-market companies to do this well at scale,” said Mike Cassity, CEO of Flockgen. “By joining the Flockgen partner network, organizations leverage our platform to build multiple relationships and create connections that drive customer revenue growth, all with minimal risk and resources.”

One of the largest benefits that Flockgen brings with its sharing platform is the establishment of rules of engagement for all partners. Fair market commission values are assigned by Flockgen for each available service, and the pay-for-success formula ensures everyone wins together due to aligned incentives. For instance, on day one of using the Flockgen platform, a telecom provider can refer their customer who may need an energy service to the Flockgen network, fulfilling their customer’s needs while also receiving expanded revenue once the energy service is implemented.

Flockgen keeps the relationships human while automating partnership opportunities and growing partner networks in a predictive, scalable and more profitable way. For more information on the Flockgen platform, visit www.flockgen.com.


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