SwitchPoint Ventures Connects Companies to AI Capability, Investors to AI Opportunity
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Aug 16, 2018

From: SwitchPoint Ventures
from: SwitchPoint Ventures Connects Companies to AI Capability, Investors to AI Opportunity

New venture to capitalize on prior machine learning successes

NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 14, 2018— SwitchPoint Ventures, comprised of former leaders of WPC Healthcare, has launched operations with a strong portfolio of companies.

SwitchPoint builds machine learning solutions and facilitates investments in companies that seek to develop artificial intelligence capabilities. Although the company officially began operations on June 25 2018, SwitchPoint is already engaged with several companies to leverage their current level of data expertise to deliver sophisticated machine learning models. SwitchPoint leadership is also providing strategic advisory services to companies seeking to develop new AI competency. SwitchPoint is working with companies across multiple industries, including healthcare, entertainment, and energy.

“There’s a gap between investors, who have difficulty finding the right AI opportunities, and companies seeking to develop AI capabilities. We expect to fill that gap,” says Ray Guzman, Chief Executive Officer for SwitchPoint. “We’ve developed an approach that will help guide partners through a process that leverages the partner’s business expertise and then layers in the appropriate level of AI.”

Guzman, who was responsible for similar initiatives at WPC Healthcare and Intermedix, is joined by Chief Data Scientist Damian Mingle, and Chief Operating Officer Nolan Rhem. Mingle and Rhem are also former WPC Healthcare and Intermedix executives. For more than six years, this team been working together to create artificial intelligence solutions that make a difference in the lives of people.

“Our team has proven success in designing machine learning solutions that are not only highly accurate but designed to be incorporated into existing workflows,” says Mingle, currently ranked in the top 1 percent in the international community of data scientists.


• BlueJunto: A machine learning solutions company that builds and deploys models for its clients. Junto uses client data along with external data to predict events and prescribe outcomes.

LogicPlum: A data science software platform used to deliver machine learning solutions. The platform helps fortify what is known about the business and discovers areas for improvement in real-time, automating complicated data analysis tasks.

WinnowMD: Physician recruiting tool that reduces search time and increases matching accuracy. The tool optimizes physicians based on compatibility with the recruiting facility and local community.

LoveToThink: A think tank that introduces AI expertise to non-profit charities. The organization helps non-profits accelerate their mission with rapidly accelerating technologies.


The name was inspired by switchpoint analysis, a powerful analytic tool that identifies subtle changes that might be ordinarily overlooked using traditional data techniques. SwitchPoint Ventures is an innovation-enabler, making AI investments in organizations that seek transformation through machine learning. Through its partnerships and portfolio companies, SwitchPoint delivers the strategy, capital, operational expertise, and machine learning capabilities to identify ways to monetize, manage, and measure information as an asset creating competitive advantage. SwitchPoint helps companies connect to AI capability and investors connect to AI opportunity. Learn more at switchpointventures.com.


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