TekLinks is One of First in Southeast U.S. to Offer Managed SD-WAN
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jun 15, 2018

From: TekLinks
from: TekLinks is One of First in Southeast U.S. to Offer Managed SD-WAN


TekLinks announced today the addition of next-generation software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) to its portfolio of internet and network connectivity solutions. Managed SD-WAN gives customers the ability to manage multiple types of connections through software, allowing them to reduce complexity, improve performance, and enhance redundancy.

“We are excited to be one of the first in Southeast U.S. to bring this technology to our clients. This innovative option provides our clients with a flexible and secure networking platform and enables better application performance, centralized network policy management, and more effective cost controls,” said Don Monistere, TekLinks President. “This will be a real game-changer for our clients, who are growing over wide geographic areas.”

TekLinks’ Managed SD-WAN solution utilizes multiple connections to provide redundancy, optimization and control while easily connecting locations, regardless of the physical distance separating them or the provider or connection they use. Managed SD-WAN also provides an easy-to-use cloud-based interface that allows insight into what applications are using connectivity, how much they are using, and which users are connected.

TekLinks’ customers throughout the Southeast U.S. taking advantage of this solution will benefit from:

• Centralized management of individual network sites
• Ability to route and prioritize traffic to optimize the delivery of critical data
• Compliance with government regulations like HIPAA
• Option to overlay security and threat management solutions
• Reduced connectivity costs
• Ability to map different applications across different connections based on SLA’s and business outcomes.
• Optimized connectivity for vertical specific applications
• Seamless redundancy by utilizing multiple connections to ensure uptime

Who is TekLinks? TekLinks is a nationally recognized managed and cloud services provider serving the Southeast U.S. The Birmingham-headquartered company is one of 11 IT companies to be ranked on all three top industry lists for their lines of business (solution provider/value-added reseller, managed service provider, and cloud service provider). TekLinks owns and operates three data centers with strategic alliances with many others across the nation to provide services to its customers.

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