Make Data Matter to Your Business
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jun 26, 2018

A message from Eric Stephens:

Today, the amount of data that any given organization generates, acquires, and maintains is growing at an exponential rate. While the volume of data in your company may come nowhere close to the estimated 40 petabytes per day that Walmart processes, there is no doubt that the data you do have has enormous potential to generate real value for your business. However, without the tools, technology, personnel, and organizational focus needed to effectively transform that data into results, that potential may never be fully realized—if it’s even realized at all.

So how do you most effectively translate that potential into true value—that is, how do you make your data matter to the business? Providing answers to that question is the focus of this year’s Nashville Analytics Summit, an event that is now in its sixth year and that has become one of the premier technology and business conferences in the state. Presenters from across the region and beyond will share their experience and insights to help attendees find ways to maximize the potential value that their data assets hold. And there is something for everyone: topics will cover a variety of areas, including data science, business intelligence, data visualization, data governance, ethics, and professional development.

While the Summit is certainly known for its great content delivered by numerous thought leaders, it’s also become one of the pillars of the region’s thriving analytics community. The fact that you can meet everyone from business analysts to data scientists to developers to senior executives makes this a can’t-miss event for anyone wishing to grow their network and become more connected to the many people and interesting ideas that make this analytics community so vibrant. And I can speak from personal experience about the impact of attending: it was my involvement and participation in this event that ultimately led to a new role at a new organization, and I know of several others who have made positive career moves due to relationships that were originally developed at the Summit. Now that’s powerful.

If you have never attended the Nashville Analytics Summit before, I invite you to come and see firsthand why so many people consider it to be one of the most valuable and insightful events they attend each year. If you’re a veteran of the Summit, then you already know what it has to offer, and why it’s so important to return for 2018. Either way, I look forward to seeing you at the Omni Hotel in August to meet new people and learn new ways to make data matter!

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Eric Stephens

Manager, Population Health Analytics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®)
Nashville Analytics Summit Planning Committee