Data – Make It Matter
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted May 25, 2018

A message from Damian Mingle:

Although the word “data” has been around for several centuries, the ideas the term represents have evolved. It means many different things to many different people. One simple example is the count of widgets sold for a small business. But for NASA scientists, it is the information produced working with a hot gas in space. Every industry, discipline, and sector acknowledges its operations would benefit from a data-driven approach.

Consequently, the question is not “Do I need data?” but rather “How do I make my data matter?”

The Nashville Technology Council’s 2018 Nashville Analytics Summit seeks to address that issue through its theme: “Data – Make It Matter”. Come discover better approaches, techniques, and methods to making your data matter. Wherever you are along the continuum of using your data effectively, our presenters will show you the next steps on that path.

Data alone can’t help you to produce more things, generate more revenue, or change the world. Moving from spreadsheets to machine learning solutions could allow you to achieve all those outcomes—but it represents a paradigm shift in both visualizing the potential for your data as well as instituting the process to realize that potential. Let the Nashville Analytics community help you with that shift.

Presenters at the Nashville Analytics Summit will assist you in making your data matter by providing insights into how your organization should:

  • Collect data
  • Enhance data
  • Generate value from data

The information provided will help you to build a data asset and change your organization. You will also learn how to enhance your proprietary data with publicly available data to highlight opportunities. Both presenters and participants will have insights into methods to communicate the value of your data to your organization’s senior leadership.

At the Analytics Summit, networking is about sharing, not selling. It is about participating in a community and helping one another toward common goals. We participate in networks to source fresh ideas and exchange information on challenges, experiences, and goals. Since 2013, the NTC BI & Analytics Peer Group has placed networking at the center of our summits because it forms the backbone of any strong community.

I encourage you to participate in this year’s Analytics Summit. Come be part of something special. Come help us build our community, while we all collaborate to make data matter.

Until August,

Damian Mingle
2018 Chair, Nashville Analytics Summit

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