Crystal Raises $5M in Series B Financing to Make Personality Profiles the New Resume
Written by: | Posted Feb 20, 2018

Nashville, Tennessee — February 12th, 2018 –​ Crystal, the personality platform that helps professionals communicate more effectively, announced today that it has secured $5 million in Series B financing. Investors included Birchmere Ventures, Falmouth Ventures (formerly CEB Ventures), HubSpot and Salesforce Ventures.

Founded in 2015 and based in Nashville, Crystal has become a market leader in psychographics, or insights about anyone’s personality, behavioral style and communication preferences. The company offers a free assessment platform where anyone can create and share their personality profile, as well as communication coaching tools for Gmail, HubSpot, LinkedIn and Salesforce.

“We started out with a Chrome extension that helps people write better emails, but have evolved significantly since then. Now we have a bigger mission: to help all professionals communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships and understand their coworkers and customers on a much deeper level,” said Drew D’Agostino, founder and CEO of Crystal. “Personality assessments have become just as important as resumes to both professionals and companies, but nobody has a resume for their personality.”

With Crystal, anyone can ​build their own personality profile​, generate relationship reports, and have coworkers add their own insights to build a comprehensive, shareable personality profile. For salespeople and recruiters, who frequently communicate with people they have never met, Crystal also uses a machine learning engine to analyze the person’s online presence and predict their personality, with 85% average accuracy. These outreach professionals can install the Chrome extension, connect their calendar and use Crystal’s Personality API to view profiles for prospects and customers.

Since launching, Crystal has added over 2,000 customers and hundreds of thousands of users. The company plans to use this new round of funding to grow its assessment and outreach products, pursue new integrations and expand its engineering team.

“By using machine learning to predict personalities and transform the way professionals communicate with their customers, Crystal is a great example of the amazing innovation and commitment to customer success that we’re seeing in the Salesforce ecosystem.,” said Matt Garratt, Managing Partner, Salesforce Ventures.

“At HubSpot, we strive to provide our customers with tools that help them understand their own customers better than anyone else,” said Brad Coffey, chief strategy officer of HubSpot. “As users of Crystal ourselves, we’ve seen first-hand the power of the platform’s accurate personality insights. We see great things ahead for the company, and we’re excited to partner with them more closely in the future.”

About Crystal

Crystal is a personality platform that provides psychographic assessments, tools, and data to help people and organizations communicate more effectively. Crystal uses machine learning to analyze personality profiles from unstructured text, and offers communication coaching tools for Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. The company is based in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, visit​ ​​.

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