Featured Member of the Month: Pluralsight
Written by: | Posted Dec 7, 2017

Meet our Featured Member of the Month, Pluralsight. Pluralsight is a technology learning platform that helps teams and individual learners gain the skills they need to create better products and take control of their careers, leading to desired business and personal outcomes.

Q&A with Patrick Madden, Enterprise Account Executive

What is your organization’s mission?
Creating progress through technology that lifts the human condition.

What are the solutions your organization offer to its customers?  A technology learning platform that leads to desired business and personal outcomes.

What’s your role in the Nashville area?
We want to be an advocate for Pluralsight customers and spread the word about how Pluralsight’s learning platform can help close the technology skills gap.

What are the benefits of your technology?
We can close the tech skills gaps, achieve desired technology outcomes quicker, and help companies skill-up-retain-attract top tech talent. We invest and give back to the communities we serve.

How are your employees finding value in NTC’s membership?
The NTC has been a very valuable partner for Pluralsight. The meetings they sponsor and host are top notch and hyper relevant in today’s ever-changing tech landscape.

What are the opportunities you’ve seen elsewhere that you’d like to see more of in Nashville?
I really can’t think of any. Nashville is loaded with opportunities for motivated and talented people to take advantage of. There are more tech jobs than qualified people to fill them. Pluralsight can help with that.

What are you most excited about in Nashville?
There are so many great companies, both longstanding and new, that are growing and fueling the city. Also, all the new people moving here daily. Some people worry about that, but I see it as new and diverse folks adding value to our city and workforce.


For more information about Pluralsight check out their website, and learn more about their upcoming events and programs Pluralsight Live 2018, Pluralsight IQ and Pluralsight One.