2017 Annual Report Member Spotlight: Hashed Health
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Nov 8, 2017

To learn more about Hashed Health and our other members read out first-ever Annual Report!

The local tech community in Middle Tennessee is overflowing with successful and creative tech companies. The NTC would like to highlight one of its members, Hashed Health.

Hashed Health, founded by John Bass, is focused on accelerating the realization of meaningful blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in healthcare.

With blockchain, asset/data transfer is fully synchronized and requires no intermediary or third party authority. The result is more efficient, improved delivery of information which empowers providers and consumers to improve care , while removing costs of middlemen, inefficient processors, and third parties who no longer add value to the delivery of care.

Hashed Health leads a consortium of healthcare companies to provide product management and development, regulatory guidance, and technology support.

Bass’s goal is to make Nashville the center of blockchain development in the United States.

“We are working within the Nashville tech community to hold regular product meetups, build relationships with companies like Change Healthcare to implement blockchain with their customers, and support BTC Media in their efforts to educate audiences about the power of blockchain.”

”There’s no better place for building out this trans- formational technology than Nashville,” according to Bass. “Healthcare, education, and music are three areas of massive change and opportunity for blockchain. It takes institutional knowledge to be a catalyst for that change, and Nashville has it.”