DevOpsDays Nashville 2017
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Sep 21, 2017

One of the best attributes of Nashville is when we see a need we fill it. The volunteer spirit and commitment to improved processes and progress is seen not only in our skyline adorned with cranes but in our communities. Individuals in technology find bands of fellowship in new user groups that have sprung up over the past few years. One that has provided a place for people to share their knowledge, stories, accomplishments, and struggles is the NashDevOps Meetup group. From this group DevOpsDays was brought to Nashville.

DevOpsDays Nashville champions not just the DevOps culture, but Nashville’s culture of continual improvement, collaboration, individual integrity, and trust. Success flourishes under such values and a peak at what the DevOpsNashville conference creates in cross-industry discussions and talks is evidenced in how it is structured.

Firstly, this conference is self-organized by volunteers and supported by sponsors who know the value of DevOps on both a tech and business level. Knowledge share alone is worth the conference, but the connections to other like-minded people in tech make it even more so. People who come to these conferences all over the world are seeking what you are; better IT solutions and better ways to get there.

This means you don’t have to be a technologist to get and use DevOps, you can be a business person in any industry Nashville is now home to. You’ll learn the technical side of DevOps and also the cultural side of DevOps focusing on processes and the structures that will support them.

You’ll learn these in new ways that may look a little different than most conferences.


Last year’s presentations covered the gambit. From John Willis’ DevOps State of the Union, to Tim O’Guin’s talk on Building a HIPAA Compliant Analytics Platform in AWS, to Norbert Crombach’s Ops for Africa, which was eye opening, and a reminder how technology is built and utilized in vastly different geographical environments.

You can check these and more of last year’s talks here.


In fashion with the DevOps culture the promotion of collaboration is seen in our Ignite sessions.

These 5 minute talks with auto-advance slides are formatted for quick digestion of content. They can be about tech tools, successful and unsuccessful projects covering an array of topics, maybe even covering your biggest tech nightmare stories, and yes we want to hear them!

If you aren’t familiar with the format, good examples can be found here.

Some Ignite topics last year were: DevOps?! That’s not my job!, Tips for selling Continuous Delivery and DevOps to your business (from a business person), and Better Living Through Storytelling.


This format is self-organized by attendees and after a brief run-down of the how the process works participants write down issues that are important to them and place on a workflow board with a time slot. After topic consolidation breakout sessions take place this is where magic can happen. This year we will be doing 6 rounds of these discussions!

Get your ticket and join the cool kids!

This is the second iteration of DevOpsDaysNashville and we want your voice with us. As a more business minded person in the tech space, I can say this is more than just a tech conference. It is a place you will network, meet future collaborators, business partners, and even new friends, all committed to the values DevOps culture promotes. The content presented and discussed is relevant to current issues facing tech, not only in the US, but in Nashville. Here is a link to our 2017 program guide this year!

Also, we’re all just really cool. So, there’s that.

Snag your ticket(s) while they last here!


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See you at the conference!

Calah Brewster