Lifeline Data Centers: NTC Featured Member of August
Written by: | Posted Aug 21, 2017

Lifeline Data Centers is NTC’s featured member of August. Here is their story!

Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, Lifeline has, for nearly two decades, strongly focused on uptime and compliance, and recently achieved FedRAMP-Ready status. Lifeline has constructed a highly secure FedRAMP/DoD/PCI/HITRUST IaaS/PaaS cloud environment that resides within an FISMA/FedRAMP-compliant data center. “On a day-by-day, moment-by-moment increment, Lifeline monitors for security issues. With the FedRAMP association, Lifeline receives weekly updates from the military on current known threats and computer chips whose code must be patched,” says Rich Banta, Co-founder of Lifeline.

A few years back, with the IRS and the FDA approaching Lifeline, the company sought out the highest bar of compliance in order meet the audit requirements of any industries. This resulted in Lifeline becoming certified NIST 800-53 compliant through FedRAMP. Flashing forward to the present, implementation of controls in their business, operational and security processes have led to the company obtaining FedRAMP status. Having developed security methods that scale the high bars of certification, Lifeline effortlessly complies with the controls required by their clients. Lifeline also ensures that all of their clients procure comprehensive benefits from the built-in security that the company extends.   

Lifeline comprehends their clientele’s need for security and compliance to meet federal regulations. The firm employs a FedRAMP, DoD, and HITRUST-compliant posture that assists their clients across various industries in implementing secure cloud solutions that are compliant with federal regulations. The opportunity to host the government’s top-secret data is a feather in Lifeline’s cap. Alex Carroll, Co-founder of Lifeline recalls, “In the process of serving our clients we found that if we are compliant to host the government’s top secret data, we’re compliant with everybody else.” Lifeline catered to homeland security and border security, by meeting the security requirements, successfully improving the client’s security posture and also substantially increasing their uptime.  

The value-oriented strategies of Lifeline provide the delivery of industry leading solutions at a nominal cost. “Comprehending the necessity to work in harmony with our clients and meet their requirements has been the driving force of our company,” adds Banta. Additionally, recognizing the efforts contributed by its employees, Lifeline accredits them for delivering ceaseless performance through the years. Lifeline has been exceeding their customer expectations by ensuring that their clients and the employees are on the same team and marching towards the same goal.

Focusing on security and compliance throughout all designs and implementations, Lifeline promotes this stability and peace of mind for clients to allow them to focus on their business and not the management of a complex infrastructure. Lifeline provides their services at an economical cost. It has long been serving the needs of customers with database needs, but the company is further taking a step forward by building a Hadoop PaaS. That is in the pipeline to allow their clients to store extensive data sets. “Staying put in Indiana, we plan to build another 200,000 square feet data center to expand our footprint in the sector,” concludes Carroll.

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