Q & A with Gabriela Lira, July’s NTC Featured Member of the Month
Written by: | Posted Jul 25, 2017

July’s NTC Featured Member of the Month is Gabriela Lira of RE/MAX Masters Real Estate. We had the opportunity to ask her a bit about what drew her to the tech industry here in Nashville. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: We love the excitement you’re bringing to the table here at Tech Hill Commons! With such a diverse background in finance, marketing, and real estate, what drew you to the Nashville tech scene?

In my role as Director of Corporate Services, I help find homes for many people relocating into the Nashville area. I started noticing that over half of them were coming here for tech related jobs. While I was discovering this trend, I attended an event at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce where they told us about the large number of unfilled job openings in the tech sector and the shortage of the talent. I saw an opportunity and wanted to learn more about the Nashville tech community. As I’ve started to get more involved and meet more people I have been very impressed by the energy of the community and everyone’s willingness to help each other and grow the sector.

Q: As a self-proclaimed data geek, what are some of the ways you incorporate technology into your work?

Every aspect of my job involves technology. Hardware, software, and apps of all sorts help me be efficient and do my job effectively. Technology also helps me gather data that is actionable.

My husband jokes that my iphone 7 plus is permanently attached to my right hand. At the moment, some of my favorite forms of technology include dotloop (a document storage system that allows my clients to sign contracts electronically), Facetime (allows me to do live home tours with clients that are far away), and matterport (a self-guided, 3D tour of homes, SUPER cool). Matterport is changing the way in which realtors provide video tours of homes. Check it out!

Q. You hold leadership positions in several community business and civic organizations. Why is Nashville a great place for such a multi-faceted career of business, leadership, and service?

Nashville is an open and friendly city. It embraces all of its citizens and diverse perspectives.

Nashville has been good to me and I truly enjoy giving back to causes that are near and dear to my heart and doing my part in ensuring that Nashville remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Q. How have you seen the Nashville real estate scene evolve since your time here? What should tech professionals relocating to Nashville know about navigating the market?

The real estate scene has exploded since I’ve been here. I remember when Cool Springs was barely even there.

Tech professionals relocating to Nashville should know that the market is hot and competitive.

In this type of market having the best representation is crucial. Working with a real estate professional that knows the market and can provide accurate and timely information will give them a competitive advantage.

I use my expertise, market knowledge, and local influence to help my client’s have a seamless move in the shortest time possible. I only partner with top-notch vendors to cover the unique spectrum of needs of a relocating individual.

Q: What inspires you?

I gain inspiration from different sources. My mornings really set the tone for the day. I like to do, see, or hear something inspirational every morning. Some days it may be a hike around Radnor Lake, other days it could be a TED talk, or an audible book. I’ve found that I rarely stray from two genres of books: business or self-help. I follow Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein, Tim Ferriss. I recently finished The Happiness Advantage and always open for good recommendations. I cater my inspiration to what I’m feeling or needing that day.

Q: We’re excited that you’re focused on catering your services to Nashville’s growing tech community. What is the Tech Real Estate Program and who is it for?

Our Tech Real Estate program has been specially curated to offer employees of participating tech company’s benefits normally reserved for large corporations. The program is FREE to join and offers incredible savings.

Participants receive expert level representation by an experienced real estate professional as well as discounts on financing, inspections, closing, moving & storage, home security, and much more. We only partner with top-notch vendors to cover the full spectrum of needs for a buyer, seller, or investor in the greater Nashville area. We are offering this program to ALL members of the Nashville Technology Council.

Thanks to Gabriela for sharing with us some deeper insight into how she can serve our tech community here in Nashville. We so appreciate her energy and enthusiasm and it has been our privilege to have her with us as our featured Member of the Month.

To learn more about relocating to Nashville, and to take advantage of the Tech Real Estate program, click here.