IDS Holds Coding Camp for Students at Head Magnet Middle Prep
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Nov 11, 2016

On Friday, November 11, IDS launches its first coding camp as part of its “Tools for Intentional Excellence Success Club” (TIES Club) with 7th and 8th grade young men from Head Magnet Middle Prep. The goal of the club is to educate, enrich and enhance these students’ lives.  As part of the educational program, students cover various topics including communication and relational skills, team building, decision making and strategic planning, and effective conflict resolution. The sessions are led twice a month by Dr. Rubin Cockrell, Curriculum Director at IDS.

“At the age of eight, my mother had the foresight to enroll me in a Commodore 64 computer camp at Kent State University,” recalled IDS President Dr. Turner Nashe, Jr. “Early adoption and demystifying technology could lead a child to create a business and build a community. The next tech giant could be in this group. We hope to ignite their fuse.”

The IDS TIES Club introduces the 30 middle school students to coding in addition to learning workplace skills. As part of the coding camp, the students will learn to code HTML to document team research projects on topics of innovation and leading tech companies. The students will use the coded web pages to present to their peers and executives at IDS to simulate a business work environment.

“I am engaging these young men because personally when I look into their eyes, I see our next future leaders,” said Dr. Tonja Williams, Principal, Head Middle Magnet Prep. “We achieve greatness by helping our students master the demands of a challenging curriculum while simultaneously creating a nurturing learning environment where inquiry, innovation and problem-solving are encouraged.”

“Employers’ demand for technology skills continues to grow,” stated Sandi Hoff, Nashville Technology Council VP of Technology Learning and Development. “Effectively preparing kids in Middle Tennessee for these opportunities takes partnerships between local industry and our schools.  The Nashville Technology Council is proud to partner with IDS and Metro Schools as they lead the way with this innovative program.”

IDS’s Tools for Intentional Excellence Success Club started in August and will conclude in May 2017 with a ceremony for the young men participating in the program. Based on the success of the club, IDS hopes to expand the club to more Metro Nashville Public Schools in the future.