A note from Bryan
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jun 8, 2016

Over the past three years we have seen exponential growth of Nashville, our great city. We have seen it across all sectors of business including technology. The NTC has been an industry staple for tech companies and businesses for over 16 years. Leaders in our technology community have made bold steps to build businesses and teams while always keeping an eye on building our community. Leaders come from multiple different roles, CEOs, CIOs, help desk and developer managers and the individual developer who leads a local users group.  It is our community of tech leaders that sets us apart nationally. Nashville is a preeminent place to be, after all in Nashville, “We Build Tech!”

It’s because of our community that I have been so honored to lead the NTC the past three years. During my time, you have supported our initiatives to build an education and workforce development program, launch WeBuildTech.com, expand NTC programs and peer groups, and kickoff an advocacy program. It speaks to how we value relationships and how committed we are to build the best tech community in America. It is the relationships you develop that transcends any challenge. 

Today I announced I’d be stepping down from leading the NTC in September. This role at the NTC has been a very different one for me. Together, we have built a strong and capable NTC Team, a committed board and a supportive and engaged membership. This organization has never been more stable. I am proud of the amazing impact our team has made in just the past three years and I’m excited knowing the NTC will continue on its upward trajectory.

Because of all these accomplishments, I believe now is a good time for me to take on a new challenge. In my heart, I’m passionate about building tech products and businesses. I see a lot of opportunity that I’m eager to pursue, and yes, here in Nashville. Today’s announcement gives the search committee ample time to recruit and transition the NTC’s new leader without the organization skipping a beat.

Thank you in advance for supporting the board and the team over the coming months during this transition. You motivate us to achieve more.