NTC to Host Focus Groups
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted May 19, 2016

Here at the NTC, we’re always excited to start new ventures when it comes to improving our tech community. Thanks to the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, we have created eight focus groups to begin exploring opportunities for accelerated learning programs to fill the talent needs of Middle TN.

So what is it that we need to be successful? We need YOU – the technology community – so we can better understand your needs, the skills necessary for success, and the pathways potential for entry-level technology professionals in companies like yours. It’s crucial we have your knowledge and input to make a difference in the talent pool. We invite your expertise around current and projected need for positions with 0-2 years experience, skills and competencies required to be successful in those jobs, and the potential positions to which those roles might be promoted.

Each focus group will entail facilitated sessions validating existing data from both local and national resources, and include active exercises for you to share the talent needs of your company and the talent need of the community as a whole, as you see it.

  • Application Design & Development
    • This job family analyzes and designs quality technical solutions, which are aligned with business and IT strategies and comply with an organization’s architectural standards
  • Strategy & Management
    • Positions in this family are responsible for ensuring the design, maintenance and implementation of database management systems, which provides an organization with orderly methods of data storage and controlled access to data
  • Product Development & Design
    • Product design positions focus on the needs, wants and limitations of product users or consumers of a certain product
  • Programming & Development
    • These positions design, code, develop, test, and maintain various software solutions, including computer applications, web applications and websites, and software systems.
  • Cyber Security
    • Individuals in these positions may evaluate systems, perform routine updates to equipment, and establish and implement IT security policies
  • Web & Mobile, Networking & Telecommunications
    • This job family is involved with the configuration and maintenance of physical and logical network components, and are involved with planning and designing the network infrastructure
  • Client Relations & Customer Support
    • This area ensures that IT projects run smoothly throughout the various phases of sales, development and delivery
  • Network & Cloud Administration
    • Network Administration positions design, implement, maintain, administer, and test database and network systems.

Hiring managers, tech leaders, HR & more – come one come all! The first group meeting starts Thursday, May 26. Visit the NTC Focus Group Page to read more about each group and contact Colleen Hoy for questions.